Definition of Pictures
Jean L. Mckenchnie (1980: 1357) defines picture in Webster dictionary that ì Picture is an image, or likeness of an object, person, or scene produce on a flat surface, especially by painting, drawing or photography.
Meanwhile  according  to  Andrew  Wright (1989: 29)  Picture  is  not  just  an  aspect  of method but through its representation of place, object, and people, it is essential part of the overall experiences.
Vernon S Gerlach (1980) stated Pictures  are  a  two  dimension  visual  representation  of  person,  places,  or things. Photograph prints are most common, but sketches, cartoons, murals, cut outs, charts,  graphs  and  maps  are  widely  used……?. A  picture  may  not  only  be  worth  a thousand  words  it  is  may  also  be  worth  a  thousand  years  or  a  thousand  miles. Through pictures, learner can see people, place and things from areas for outside their own picture can also represent image from ancient times or portray the future.
The  kinds  and  numbers  of  pictures  that  the  teacher  should  take  with  him  to carry  out  the  activities  in  class  can  be  taken  from  magazines,  articles,  or  others  and should be interactive and interesting to capture the students√≠ attention the purpose of using pictures for the students is to give them an opportunity to practices the language in real context or in situations in which they can make it to communicate their ideas.
According  to  Ruth  Gairns  and  Stuart  Redman (1986) Pictures  can  be  formed  such: wall  charts,  commercially-  produced  flashcards,  hand  drawn  pictures,  and  of  course  illustration from course books and supplementary books
From  the  meaning  of  pictures  above,  it  indicates  that  the  pictures  has exchanged and represented the real object into a simple device which has displayed a series of places, object,  person, or even experiences


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