The Use of Explicit Teaching Strategy To Increase The Students’ Reading Comprehension (classroom action research)

A.    Background
Reading is one of English skill to be mastered listening, speaking and writing. The purposes of reading such as to gain information, the learn subject matter, for enjoyment, academic purpose and prepare test purpose. To achieve those skills, the students find difficulties in get the message that extended by the writer and summarize the content of the reading text.
The first problem is the students found difficult to understand the content of the text. In comprehend the reading of the text, the students have to able established the main idea and detail information. The main idea is the most general ideas in the paragraph while detail information is supporting of the ideas in the paragraph. When the students gain know about them, they have to understand how a text organized because to comprehend the written words the students must able to understand what the writer has to structure of organized the ideas and information presented in the text and relate the ideas and information presented in the text, and relate the ideas and information from text to ideas information stored in his or her mind.
The second problem is how the students can make a summary about the content of the text. In understand of the text, summary is one of the fast way in get the writers’ idea. All of the information in the summary will be contained in the reading text, although the words used will be different. Through summary, the students will get a good understanding of the overall meaning and main points of the section summarized.                
Base on the observation which has been done in SMPN 2 Bua Ponrang Kabupate Luwu, especially for class VIII A. The researcher gave diagnostic and found the result is very poor in reading comprehension. According to the result of test, there are 30 students in the class, 9 students get the score 6.0 – 7.5 and 21 students get the score < 60. The research wants to changed of score based on the KKM is 65, and the target of the researcher is score 75.
The researcher conclude that in class VIII A is has problem in reading comprehension. In solved that problem, the research tries to use strategy in teaching reading material to comprehend the text. According to Michael Pressley in B. Fatmawati (2011:1) strategy is something using by the students to analyze the learning problem. So that, Strategies is very important in gets success of learning process in the classroom
In this case, the research will use of explicit teaching strategy. The Explicit teaching is one of strategy can be used by the teacher in the classroom where it makes the students to active in learning process because the teacher knows what the students needed . According to Cristine Edwards, Groves (1998)?????????????????

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