Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Sustained Silent Reading Method (Classroom Action Research)

                                                                       CHAPTER I
A.  Background
The goals of teaching English in Indonesia are mainly to enable the students to use English for communication and to read books and references written in English. The students are expected to have skills of the English language such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and other elements of language that must be taught to the students through the chosen themes.
Among the four skills above, reading get greater attention than three others, because reading is one of the important skills. Reading can be defined as an active cognitive  process of  interacting with the print and monitoring comprehension to establish meaning and through reading we can get much knowledge, study new words, comprehend ideas, study the word are used, how to implement the grammatical rules, and gain the information.
Problem mostly occurs to the students when reading book. Sometimes students are facing a book but do not read at all. They just can mention symbol word without getting any idea from the book. The researcher herself experienced when reading a book without any comprehension tends to feel sleepy.
As the explanation above, the data from observation indicates that the students of MTs. Muhammadiyah Tallo Makassar and also face the same problems. Most of them are not competent to comprehend English text well. Many students can read the word in passage perfectly but are unable to answer the questions. They can say the words, but unable to gain the meaning from words. They find hard to comprehend reading materials. The writer also observed that the teacher only asked the students to read, and then they must answer the question without giving explanation about the text first. So the students who did not understand what they read. As a result, they could not answer the whole questions correctly. Based on the result of students’ achievement in reading are still underneath, it is about 5.5 mean score and the target score is 7.00. In this case, the students have to read critically, and the teacher must select the suitable technique or strategy to teach it.
What a teacher has to consider as a prime important task is how to design the reading course with strategies and techniques to facilitate the students to comprehend to concept from the author’s mind in the text. There have been a lot of techniques and strategies discussed by many experts dealing with reading comprehension. One of the techniques to be offered here is Sustained Silent Reading. In which the students are learning how to interact with the text they read.
By using SSR method, the students read silently for a given period of time. But, it does not mean they read without sound. A reader may sound in respond words. SSR does not need to say out each word. A reader is silent reading only says the word in mind, those any references to pronunciation stress or intonation. In addition, they can choose books, magazines, etc, that they are interested in, and??????????????

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