improving the students vocabulary mastery through vocabulary network (classroom action research)

A. Background         
Language is a crucial means for human communication. It is used to make an interaction with other people in society and also it is used to express emotion, feeling, and opinion within the language. Vocabulary has an important role in all aspects of language skills. It is the flesh of the language.  Someone can not express his idea without has enough vocabulary.
There are four language skills should be achieved in the study of English as a foreign language. These four language skills are developed from four language components: structure, vocabulary, pronunciations and spelling. In this research the writer’s attention focused on the vocabulary as one of the English component. The vocabulary as one of the elements of language is important to study, because without enough vocabulary mastery, the ability to communicate and convey can not be established.
Therefore, English teachers must have responsibility to use the material in teaching a foreign language. According to Harmer (1991) at the same time, we must have something to say; we must have meanings that we wish to express, and we need to have a store of words that we can select from when we wish to express the meaning.
Allan (1997) argues that vocabulary is an important factor in all language teaching. Besides the sound system and structure the other essential area of language learning is the lexicon, or vocabulary command of the language in order to master the English language, the students have to know the importance of English vocabulary. Many students can not read and understand the text because they do not have a good vocabulary command. This problem appears at the second year students of MAN 1 Makassar in academic year 2009/2010 where the vocabulary mastery of the students is still low (5.20). Eventhough, some techniques and approaches have been employed in teaching vocabulary, but the students’ vocabulary mastery is still low. Therefore, the writer will use vocabulary network as one of techniques in teaching vocabulary. The writer suspects that teaching vocabulary by using vocabulary network is good to improve vocabulary mastery of the students. It can make the students interested in learning English vocabulary.
Based on the explanation above, the writer is interested in conducting a class room action research examining the use of vocabulary network????????????

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