reading comprehension through Directed reading activity (classroomaction research)

A.    Background
Now days, science and technology development demands people to increase their knowledge and experience. One way to increase their knowledge and experience is through reading. Reading is the effective way to get information. If someone says the book is the window of the world, we can say that reading is the eye of the world because we can know all the things through reading. Reading is one of the basic skills of English, but it has a very complex process where the reader tries to discover meaning in print page or script. Through reading one can enhance his experiences, develop new concept and increase his thinking or knowledge.
Reading is one of the basic communicative skills of English. It is an important part of English, this is the way of gaining information from written source. Harmer (1991: 68), states that reading is useful for other purpose; it provides good models for English writing and also provides opportunities to study language. For the reasons it will be important to make the reading activity as effective as possible.
Indonesian curriculum has been putting English as the essential subject to learn from elementary until university, where reading is the one of English skills that the students must be mastered. Besides that in the last examination test of each school level almost 90% are reading test form where the students are asked to find out the information of text. So the teacher has to pay attention for this case or for reading subject even most of the students considered that reading is difficult subject.
Most of reading methods and strategies has been used in the classroom alternately. The result shows that some of the students’ English reading achievement is still far from satisfaction. Hafsah (2005:35) assumes that the students find difficulties in reading such as they do not understand the content of the material, what the text about and also hard to find main idea of paragraph. So the question now is how to make the students interested in learning reading or we can say what the teacher should do to increase the students’ ability in reading especially in identifying information of the text.
Concerning with the problem had by the students above. The writer will try to apply directed reading activity (DRA) in teaching an English reading material in this research. Betts in Jennifer, (2006) Directed reading activity is a?????????????????????

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