teaching vocabulary through crossword puzzle at the first year students’ of SMA x. (PENELITIAN TINDAKAN KELAS)

A.    Background
Language is at the centre of human life. It is one of the most important ways to express our love or hate for people. It is a vital to achieve many of our goals and our careers. It is a source of artistic satisfaction or sample pleasure. We use language for planning our life and remembering our past. We exchange ideas and experiences through language. Wilkins in Ahmad Anwar (1999:1) states that language is a system of spoken and written symbols that enable to communicate and interact with each other.
Referring to the definition above, we can say that the primary function of language is communication. We can communicate through language if we understand the language used, we can communicate each other easily in the world if we to master English, because English is an international language. Almost all people in the world study it.
In Indonesia English is a foreign language. It is taught as one of the compulsory subjects from the primary school to the university level. English has four skills namely: reading, listening, speaking and writing. To develop them, the student’s must enrich themselves with vocabulary. It is the element which conveys meaning or sense of what they want to express writing or speaking. The students are expected to posses the competence in the word recognition and understanding the meaning of the words they read in relation to the importance of vocabulary, the teacher of English should discover or look for some technique to bring together the success of teaching vocabulary incidentally for many years as one has been seen which made the student’s low ability in comprehending English text or in expressing their ideas in speaking. This has been proved by Baharuddin (1994) in his findings that one of the factors of student’s low achievement in comprehending a passage because they are lack of vocabulary make students seldom to speak English in the classroom.
In order to improve the learners vocabulary some previous researchers have tried out different techniques of vocabulary teaching such as the use of pictures, teaching vocabulary through songs, teaching vocabulary through visual aids, teaching vocabulary through poems, etc. compared with conventional method, all of these techniques are reported more effective.  They, therefore, become alternative teaching technique which their used, of course, based on the class situation.
Based on the background above the researcher would like to????????????


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