Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Through Reading English Narrative Poetry (Classroom Action Research)



A.    Background
Language is the most important thing for people as a mean of communication. It is basically a means of both oral and written communication. People use language to express their ideas and wishes to other’s people such as when they need others help so that close relation among members of the group can be carried. It is important to learn English because it is an international language which is used in many countries over the world and widely used in many sectors such as information, trade, education, etc.
Learning language will never be successful without learning and understanding the vocabulary of that language since the vocabulary is the prerequisite and inseparable unit of the language. Having good knowledge of vocabulary supports students to master English. Vocabulary is needed to convey what one wishes to say through vocabulary someone can express his or her feeling, ideas, emotion, and desire.
In teaching English, vocabulary as an element of language was regarded as the important aspects in mastering those skills. Allan (1977:149) states that vocabularies an important aspect in all language teaching. The students must continuously learn words as they learn structure and as they practice the sound system. Harmer (1991:153) states that if language structure makes up the skeleton of language, than vocabulary that provides the vital organs and the flesh. Vocabulary is also an important element in language teaching and learning.

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