Improving the students’ reading comprehension through mind mapping srategy (Classroom Action Research)

A.    Background
Reading is a process of recognition or interpretation of written materials. Sheng (2001:12) stated that reading is a process of communication from the writer to the reader. It involves letters, words, phrases, and clauses. Through reading, we can get many knowledge and information.
In reading comprehension, the message to be imposed in the written form and it is the most important element so the students must recognize it because the primary   purpose of reading is to know the thoughts expressed in the printed material.  Therefore, reading with comprehension is very important way to get contact with the natives and to know how they use their language in written form to understand the content of the text. It will be important to make reading activity as effective as possible.
Based on the result interview of English teacher at X1.IPS of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Bontoala Makassar he said that the mean score of the students’ achievement in reading English at 2010-2011 academic year is very low, it is about 5,00  and the target  score is about 7,00. In this case, the students have to read critically, and the teacher must select the suitable material to teach it.
Based on the students’ problem above, the researcher will apply Mind Mapping technique in her research because it is a suitable technique in learning reading. Mind Mapping is one technique to develop reading comprehension of students because this technique is more focused on the students’ ability in their group.

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