Improving the speaking proficiency through REACT strategy


A.    Background
Teaching English in our country has been developing extensively because English function as an international language. Therefore, Indonesia government has brought it into school curriculum from elementary school up to university. English in our education program has become compulsory subject. Start from junior high school up to university. Even today, some elementary schools include this subject as a local content. One important element of language that needs to be developed is speaking.
Speaking is one of the skills in English and plays an important role in learning a foreign language. It can measure the success of people in terms of ability to take conversation in the language. Therefore, studying English without practice speaking is useless. Usually, the students do not participate actively in speaking, probably because they are lack of knowledge or have no idea toward the subject matter  or discussed. This facts invites the English teachers have to motivate the students to speak.
Base on information from an English teacher at SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Makassar of the second Grade students especially at the class XI that the students’ achievement in speaking was still low where the students’ value average still got score 4.21, while the standard speaking in curriculum is 6.5. Because the students still lack in use grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and self confidence. In this study, the researcher wants to solve this problem until the students have a go????????????????


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