Improving Reading Comprehension through Discovery learning method

A.    Background
We know  that  the English  language as  means of  international  communication   and it becomes  more  important  nowadays. Therefore the government of Indonesia places this language. In the curriculum not only the secondary schools, senior high school but also at in universities or institutes.
English as a foreign language involve four skills in language learning, they are: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Beside the  four language  skills above , reading is importance to students  whose mother tongue  is not  English because they almost  do not opportunity  to hear or to speak  that language so in This  research, the  researcher  will  concern  with  reading skill. Richard (1998:35)
Reading is a flexible for the students, because they can get information from the text they have read. Reading   also is an active process indentifying   important ideas comparing. Nuttal (1998:89) Reading skill are the ability to analyze, evaluate and synthesize what one read. They are the ability to see relationship of ideas and use them as an old reading (Halvonson  :1992:38)   reading consist  of some strategies to help  the reader evaluate and understand the content of the material.
Problem mostly occurs to the students when reading book. Sometimes students were facing a book but do not read at all. they just can mention symbol word without getting any idea from the book. The researcher herself experienced  when reading a book without any comprehension tends to feels sleepy
As the explanation above. The observation result when the researcher conducted teaching practice in IPA of SMAN 18 Makassar, the student reading comprehension skill still poor. Only a few of student can comprehend or can understand what they have read especially English text. It because many factors such as the student consider that English is a subject that very difficult, bored and scare because meaning and letters are different. The other factor is the teacher always uses the same method to teach  English subject like the direct method. It is also make  the students more  bore to study English. As value of observation is the class room the student has score 5.5. This score is a poor category. In this research the aim is to solve this problem until the student have a good score. While the standard curriculum is 6.5 the researcher wants  to achieve  the score  at 7.0 target  in learning reading comprehension. 
What a teacher has to consider as a prime important task how to design the reading course with strategies and techniques  to facilitate the students to comprehend to concept from the author’s mind in the text. There have been a lot of techniques and strategies  discussed by many expert dealing with reading comprehension. One of the technique to be offered here is Discovery Learning Method  in which students are learning how to interact with the text  they read. Mayer  (2003: 186)  point  out  that  the  Discovery  learning  method   is  a  teaching technique  that  encourages  students   to take  more  active  role  in  their  learning  process  by   answering   a  series  of  questions  or  solving  problems   designed  to  introduce   a  general concept.
Reading for general comprehension is a skill that involves absorbing the content   of the text . As the reader , we are not looking  for  specific  points  only, but  rather than it, we need  to began Based  on  explanation  above, the  writer  was  interesting  in conducting  entitle  “Improving Reading  Comprehension through  Discovery  learning of the students  at??????????????????????????


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