Improving Students’ Speaking Ability through Peer Teaching Tutoring Method ( Classroom Action research)


A.  Background
English is one of the human languages in the world that has important role in communication. It has become international language and almost practiced in all part of life, especially in this global era that has full of competition and English becomes one of determiners and assessments of the competition. So that it is important for us to learn the language. It is similar to the statement that English has dispersed and diversified, has been adopted and adapted as an international means of communication by communities all over the globe. There are four skills that we have already known in English, namely writing, speaking, reading and listening. Later, the skills should be taught better to master and get complete thought about English itself because each skill has general or specific function in communicating. But we cannot deny that speaking is the most important one for asking information and conversely for delivering information, speaking is the direct system of communication.
Speaking is like the first assessment for each learner who is studying English and each learner has to speak. This statement means an obligation, duty, task, fact, implementation, process, and it can be learning, although we still find some students are speaking little or even passive in the classroom, and it can be caused of many things include the students, the class situation, environment, teaching method, technique, approach or even from the teachers who cannot deliver their material successfully. In this last century, many linguists and educators give more attention in action research to teach English as a????????????????????????????

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