A.  Background of Study
English  is  an  international  language.  Almost  all  countries  have  adapted English  used  as  a  compulsory  subject  at  schools.  The  national  education  has decided that English as a foreign language taught in Indonesian schools. It learned started from primary schools up to university. People realize that teaching English at  this  level  becomes  very  important  and  need  much  concern.  As  an  English teacher,  he  or  she  demands  to  explore  effective  techniques,  method,  and approaches.
The  students  have  to  master  the  four  basic  language  skills.  They  are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Beside  such basic skill, the student has to master some vocabularies as well as possible.  Vocabulary is one important aspect in learning a foreign language. With a limited  vocabulary  anyone  will  also  has  a  limited  understanding  in  terms  of speaking,  reading,  listening,  and  writing.  It is  true  that  it  might  be  impossible  to learn  a  language  without  mastering  vocabulary.  Vocabulary  is  one  of  the problems  confronted  by  English  language  learners.  Because  of  the  limited vocabulary,  the  learners  cannot  communicate  to  others  clearly.  Sometimes  it  is difficult to group the idea transmitted to them. The acquisition of a large number of  vocabularies  can  help  the  students  read,  speak,  listen,  and  write.  A  good  vocabulary and ability to use words correctly and effectively can help the students make school work easier and more rewarding, and also many tests that they take in  school  include  vocabulary  questions.  The  more  vocabularies  they  know  the better their chance to do well on an English test.
According  to  H.  G.  Tarigan,  ìKualitas  keterampilan  berbahasa  seseorang jelas tergantung pada kuantitas dan kualitas yang dimilikinya maka semakin besar kosakata  yang  kita  miliki  maka  semakin  besar  pula  kemungkinan  kita  terampil berbahasaî.1 (The quality of language skill depends on the quantity and quality of vocabulary. The more vocabulary we have, the bigger possibility to have a skill to use the language). Mastering vocabulary is the ability to get or to receive a lot of words. By having and mastering vocabulary we will know the meaning of vocabulary in the context. Measuring vocabulary helps to avoid making mistakes in understanding.
On the other hand, foreign students learning English reading text, one lack of vocabulary, whereas in fact vocabulary is the most important thing in reading skill.  Nowadays,  the  ability  to  comprehend  English  is  necessary  for  peoplean also  to  understanding  English,  people  have  to  able  to  communicate  English  and also  able  to  read  many  kinds  of  English  text.  The  ability  to  read  is  crucial  in contemporary  society.  People  find  many  texts  written  in  English,  from  holiday  Henry Guntur Tarigan, Pengajaran Kosakata (Bandung: Angkasa, 1986) p.2 brochures  to  academic  books,  newspaper,  advertisements,  etc.  therefore,  the ability to read English text in any form will give a great deal of advantages in our lives.
Harry  Madox  said  that  ìreading  is  the  most  important  single  in  studyî.2 And the curriculum stated that out of the four skills, listening, speaking, reading, and  writing,  the  main  emphasis  is  on  reading  skill  because  it  is  believed  that acquisition of reading in a second or foreign language is priority.3  Reading is good thing in life because it is a factor of great importance in the individual development and the most important activity in school. It is needed in  every  level  of  field  of  study.  Particularly  in  cases  when  students  have  to  read English materials for their own special subject.   Being able to read in English is very important as it is known that success in  reading  is  the  most  necessary  because  it  is  a  basic  tool  of  education.  All  the subjects in Elementary School such as mathematics, science, language, and others depend on the ability to read. In high school and college reading ability becomes even  more  important.  Through  reading  we  acquire  new  ideas,  obtain  needed information, seek support for our ideas and broaden our interest. We can also get the message that the????????????????


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