Improving the Students’ Mastery Of Pronunciation through Team Assisted Individualization (A Classroom Action Research)


A. Background
In English teaching, there are four language elements namely: Structure, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Spelling. Those elements are through in order to develop the student skill in the language learning. One second of them should be noticed is pronunciation which is considered difficult element method that can be applied in learning pronunciation.
Nurhayati ( 2008 ) states that the pronunciation means knowledge of knowing to produce word which is very essential in oral communication when speakers mispronounce the word, people can be misunderstand. To reduce it, the teacher must equip the learner with English certain degree accuracy and fluency in understanding, responding and in expressing him self in the language in speech in other the learners communicatively in using the language.
The specific characteristic of English learners who categorized as good and successful oral skill developer is those good pronunciation accent. A good pronunciation accent suggested is a accent of pronunciation that sounds like native speakers. Therefore, it is necessary for English learners to have a good pronunciation to support them to be good speakers ( Nurhayati, 2008 ). Teachers of English as a foreign language should be sensitive in viewing and overcoming such problems above. 
Among those language skills, one most focused until today is speaking. We know that speaking plays an important role in human communication. The importance of having ability to speak is becoming more noticed moreover for the students of English department. They are asked to be able to speak English. It will seem to be ridiculous when they still cannot use English in communication.
Although speaking is the easiest way of learning, it does not mean that speaking has no component. It is like other language skills, each student must begin speaking by knowing its components such as fluency, accuracy, spelling and pronunciation. Those components relate to one another and need learning in order to have pleasant speaking. The absence of one of those components will produce a poor result of speaking.
            Realizing this problem, the students need to focus in one speaking component. In this case, pronunciation is chosen as one phenomenon in English. It refers to the way in which a language or a particular word or sound is pronounced. (Hornby AS, et. Al, 1974. Oxford Advenced Leorner,s Dictionary of current. English. USA N London. O. U ). Pronunciation is definitely the biggest thing that people notice when we are speaking. We use English for communication so automatically we need pronunciation. Good pronunciation should be one of the first things that we learn in English. We still can communicate without using advanced vocabulary we can use simple words to say what we want to say. We do not have to use advanced English grammar because we can use simple grammar structures instead but there is no simple pronunciation.
            Pronunciation has its own components to learn and it is not simple as well as many people think. If we try to contrast between English and Indonesian language we will find that there are some sounds in English pronunciation that are absent in Indonesian language. We call it as contrastive sounds. For instance the phonetic of /θ/ and /ð/ in words such as “think” and “the.” Many Indonesian pronounce them as /sIη/ and /de/. This is a common mistake that cannot be overlooked because can cause misunderstand.
Therefore, the students have to learn the English pronunciation as much as possible in order to improve their pronunciation skill so that their pronunciation is intelligible. In doing this, they will need one strategy that can???????????????????/


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