Increasing Students’ Writing Ability by Using Sentence Reconstruction Technique at the Second Year of MAN X

A.    Background
Students as beginners in learning English usually make many mistakes in sentences. Sometimes they find difficulties in finding idea, they do not know how to arrange the vocabulary that they have into good sentences. In this case, the teacher should find out solution by creating efficient and effective techniques of teaching writing that can make the writing class more interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. It can be done by choosing the material appropriate with the students and take a techniques in increasing the writing ability if the students. One of them is “sentences Reconstruction Technique”.
There are various ways or techniques that have been used but still remains mistakes, Risna Akib (2006) find that the students’ ability to write sentence in English was very poor. It was seen thought the means score that was 46,1. The law ability the students was concluded based on five criteria of writing, they are: content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanic. It means that the students need something difference which can improve their motivation in English learning process. The researcher will use sentence reconstruction technique in her research because it can help the students to change their knowledge in write good sentences.
One reason for learning to write is to transmit ideas to people, especially to those who are a distance in time and space. Another reason is the writing process helps you sort out and organize random thoughts, clarify what you really think and develop ideas. That is why people want to write because writing can be a media to communicate with others in one community or wider world. If someone can write well, he or she can communicate with a person who is a thousand of miles away from him; understand what he means and what he feels.
Relating to the above statement, the writing skill should be given much attention in teaching language and teach it previously to the students.  In order to, they are not let behind and can take a role in the modern society. However, the writing skill is a complex and sometimes difficult to teach; it requires mastery of not only grammatical and rhetorical devices but also of the conceptual and judgment element. There are many various skills necessary for good writing composition. It has five general components of main ideas. They are language use, mechanical skills, statement of content, stylistic skill, and judgment skill (Heaton, 1975).
Furthermore, the ability of mastering the sentence structure enables the students to combine, expand, and shorten the sentence and further enables them to produce perfect English with some various ways. Mastering the sentence structure will be understandable for the listeners and readers. If the students have good skills in sentence construction, they will be able to make and arrange the sentence into a paragraph, which is the beginning of how to be a good writer. This is relevant with what Widdowson stated in Muddin (1992:74) that language learning consists of efforts to get competence in constructing good sentences and to get knowledge about sentences or how to use suitable sentences in certain contexts.
In practicing English writing a sentence reconstruction technique can make the students to be active in writing. It is one of the ways to increase the students’ ability in writing. The advantage of using sentence reconstruction technique in????????


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