Quantum Learning (QL)


A.    Background
                 In Indonesia, English is taught as foreign language. Because English is very important to learn, our government makes decision that English must be taught in the school to improve the skills of the students in learning English.  Language as the primary and most highly elaborated form of human symbolic activity. A.A. Hill (1958:9). Within this communicative function, they are informational function, expressive function, directive function, aesthetic function and phobic function.
            Wilkins (1974: 1) gives a definition that language is a system of spoken and written that enables humans to communicate and interact with each other, although not the only from communication among human beings, it is very important.
      Referring to the definition above, we can say that the primary function of language is a tool of communication. It means to get message across from one person to another.
            Teacher of English are aware of this, but in reality and in practicing, they often forget this function. They only teach the language form but do not use it for communication. They teach the meaning of the language form, because they consider if students are able to use the language form they will automatically know their language meaning. As a matter fact, this is not true because besides forms language also deals with functions.
     Yarber (1989; 11) states that the most common problem that the students face in writing are coming up with ideas and finding the courage. So it is difficult to begin writing and of course difficult to continue. Besides hat, when the students have been assigned a topic they do not know about anything.
    Similarly, jafar (1998) found that the same case. Students get difficult in writing because of uninteresting topic. The result of his research found that the students find difficult to make a dear topic sentences for the reader.   
   Booby De porter said that Quantum learning is a good way to teach which one we can feel joyful and more comfortable. Quantum learning can be defined as empowering students to learn faster, more effectively and with more joyful. Research shows that quantum learning techniques can enhance retention and performance, and that students who use accelerated learning methods become more effective learners.
   Hymes (1997;17) defines the language competence is the kinds of knowledge that people need in order to use language in meaningful interaction. He also more self-confident. Quantum learning includes specific guild for creating an effective learning environment, delivering content a facilitating the learning process by gaining the ways to increase; participation, motivation and interest both students and teachers.
Writing skill is particularly very important for students in their schooling days, they are very often need to write reports and some other kinds of writing for them, writing activities can’t be avoided, and they ever never study without writing. So, in this research the researcher will improve the students’ score up to 70, it is the successful minimal criteria of that school.
B.   Problem Statement
Based on the background above, the problem statement of this research is formulated as follows:
1.      How is the improvement of the students’ writing content through quantum learning method?
2.      How is the improvement of the students’ organization through quantum learning method?
C.    Objective of the Study
The objectives of this research are to explain Quantum Learning:
1.      This study aims to improving the students’ writing content through quantum learning method.
2.      This study aims  to improve the students’ writing organization through quantum learning method.
D.     Significance of the Study
The result of this research is expected to be useful contribution for the teacher of English writing to find out and to analyze the students’ proficiency in writing, to give useful information for teaching and learning process in increasing the students’ proficiency in writing and also for further researchers who are interested in similar subject matter.

E. Scope of the Study
This study is under the umbrella of applied Linguistics. The research is limited to the use of Quantum Learning (QL) in writing descriptive text. The students are given a chance to choose a topic freely based on the theme written in curriculum. The writing assessment is focused on the content and organization.

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