Language Experience Approach

A.      Background
English is one of the languages used as a means of sharing ideas on setting information from other people in the world. We cannot deny that the mastery of English is quite necessary for Indonesian people nowadays. Therefore, the government of Indonesia has put English as an essential subject to be learned from junior high school up to university level. Even, nowadays, it has being taught at elementary school.
One of the English language aspects which many students consider very difficult to study is writing. Generally writing is quite unpopular. It has been in long practice of teaching English as a foreign language in Indonesia that writing is rather neglected for various reasons. It needs greeter efforts on the part of teacher and therefore it is quite demanding, causing a greeter burden than other language aspects to teach. The teaching of writing has been associated with tedious correction and markings of individual students’ work.
Writing is one of the English language skills that has an important role not only in formal situation but also informal one, sometimes people cannot verbalize their opinion, ideas or feelings but they can express them through writing. Some elements or components should get attention in writing are caused by many factors. One of them is complicated components of writing, namely: content, grammar, style, form, and mechanics. These components are related to another in order to produce good result writing.
Teaching students to write well is of great importance in today’s classroom. That is why the teacher has to employ a good technique or method to provide inspiration for the students that will motivate them to express themselves creatively through writing. The teacher should give the students many activities to do in order to make the students creative. In this case, teacher should employ good approach and have good preparation in teaching them. A delightful way to encourage the students to write paragraph to use “Language Experience Approach” as an aid in teaching writing.  Allen in Herrel ( 1963 : 203 ) states that “Language Experience Approach is an activity-based writing lesson that helps students to see the connections between experiences, what is spoken, and the written language. The teacher engages the students in a discussion of their experience and as they talk about what they do, the teacher models writing their words on large chart paper. This is an activity especially to stimulate the imagination and self expression in writing recount.
Writing subject must occur at every grade level, not merely at the teste grades. Each grade level students acquire the writing skills they will need for success in the next grade. Basic writing concepts are strengthened as student’s progress through elementary school, middle school, and high school. Making writing an important part of other content areas, such as science and social studies, will strengthen this alignment. In addition, students learn to write effectively by having many opportunities to practice writing. Without practice, students cannot sharpen the skills they need in order to be able to write competently and confidently.
Based on the observation of the first year students of SMA Negeri 1 Bontomarannu, the writer found that the skill of students in writing is still low. We can see the mean score of the students in writing ability is 61 rate, this score under expected by Successful Minimal Criteria (KKM) is 65 and the researcher has target until 70. According their teacher, it is happened because the students have poor motivation in learning English. Although, the teacher has  an approach of learning process in the classroom, but it could not make the students’ interest.
B.    Problem Statement
Based on the background above, the researcher formulates the problem statement as follows:
1.      How does the Students’ skill to write recount text viewed from its content through Language Experience Approach?
2.      How does the Students’ skill to write recount text viewed from its Language use through Language Experience Approach?
C.    Objective of the Study
In relation to the problem statements above,the objectives of this research are to find out:
1.      To explain the students’ skill to write Recount text through language experience approach viewed from its content at the first year student of SMA Negeri 1 Bontomarannu.
2.      To explain the students’ skill to write Recount text through language experience approach viewed from its language use at the first year student of SMA Negeri 1 Bontomarannu.
D.    Significance of the Study
This research is held to know the students’ skill to organize English text especially recount text through language experience approach viewed from its content and language use.
The result of this research is expected to be useful and helpful information for the teachers in general in order to improve the quality of the English teaching. Also help the students to improve their writing skill through language experience approach .
E.    Scope of the study
The research is limited to improve the students’ writing recount text through Language Experience Approach which is viewed from content are orientation, events, reorientation and language use are tense, tense, pronoun and preposition. These items are chosen because those are very important to be identified by the researcher in motivating and overcoming the students’ problems in learning writing English language.


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