Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through the Use of PQ4R Method

A.   Background
Language is a tool and a process communication, English language is a unifier language or international language and become a main component in teaching. “The goals of teaching English in Indonesia are mainly to enable the students to use English for communication and to read English books. It is a foreign language that has a place for developing knowledge, technology, culture, and art to make a good relationship with other countries”, Faye in Asrawati(2009).
There four skills are in learning language, namely speaking, listening, writing and reading. All of these four skills are important, but we can say that reading is very important in teaching and learning process, because the ability of the student to comprehend the subjects relatively determined by their reading skill. Through reading, the students can get new information, exchange their experience and horizon of thinking, and improve their knowledge in many fields of science. Purpose of reading in any language is to inform ourselves about something we are interested in our challenge our knowledge on certain master. In other words, it will extend our experience of the world.

Reading is important in our life. Trough reading we can enhance our experience, develop new concept, solve our problem, and to see the changes in the world. Yet the importance of reading has not been realized by most people in our society. A large number of our society is classified as poor reader and majority of them read poor quality of material. Reading is all about information. It’s not about the number of words you read, but the amount of value you extract from them. The key to improved reading comprehension isn’t moving your eyes across a page more quickly.
In Indonesia National Curriculum English is one of the compulsory subjects from elementary to university. Reading is one of the English skills that must be mastery by the students. They have to read their hand books or other materials written in English related to their lesson. However, most students considered reading as one of the most difficult subject. The students can be successful in studying English if they are able to read well because they can get information from their reading material if they are able to derive meaning from what is read.
The fact from other research that the students English Reading Comprehension especially in senior high school is still far from satisfaction. It can be seen from Hafsah (2005:35) who stated that the students find some difficulties to comprehend such as they don’t understand the content of the material, what the text about, and they hard to find main idea of every paragraph. Afterwards, it can also be seen from the researcher’s experience when she the writer has been done as a research at SMK AMI Veteran Makassar. This condition becomes reason to make the teaching and learning process better in the classroom, and the teacher must be more creative and select in applying method in teaching and learning process.
            The ultimate goals of reading are that learners should be able to read general text with comprehension. Many students need effective strategies to understand what they read and to remember details of what they've read. This method  can also help non-disabled students improve reading comprehension and retention. The PQ4R  method is a good study skill that can be adapted for students of all ages. This method will improve the student's reading comprehension. It also may improve recall of facts by as much as 70%. PQ4R is an acronym for Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, and Review. (Logsdon,2010). Therefore, this research is designed to improve the students' reading comprehension through the use of PQ4R method. In a PQ4R activity, students are assigned to comprehend a text with the procedure of preview, question, read, reflect, recite, and review.
Based on the background above, the researcher would like to carry out a research under the title “Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through the Use of PQ4R Method at first year SMK AMI Veteran Makassar”
B.       Problem Statement
In relating the background above the resecher formulates research question of follows:
1.      How does the use of  PQ4R  method improve the students’ reading comprehension in terms of finding the main ideas at the first year of SMK AMI Veteran Makassar ?
2.      How does the use of PQ4R method improve the students’ reading comprehension in terms of finding the contents at the first year of SMK AMI Veteran Makassar ?
C.   Objective of The Study
The objective of the research are :
(1) To find out the students’ reading comprehension in terms of finding the main ideas through PQ4R method.
 (2) To find out the students’ reading comprehension in terms of finding the contents through PQ4R method.         
D.   Significance of The Study
The result of this study is expected to be useful information to the students and the teachers about positive effect of the PQ4R method. So they will know and get in learning language not only from one method, but also from others as basic in teaching process especially to improve the students’ reading comprehension.
E.    Scope of The Study
The scope of the study is the writer would be focused to improve the students’ ability to find out the main ideas and comprehending the contents of reading text at the first year of SMK AMI VETERAN MAKASSAR,


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