Indirect Speech

A.   Background
Indonesia as a developing country needs to communicate with other countries in the world. Communication with other countries need English, because English is used all over the world. The other reason in that, most of the scientific books in Indonesia are written in English. So, without knowing English to context of the book cannot be understood. Therefore, English is one subjects taught from elementary school to university.
English consists of four skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. In other to master that, automatically, grammar must be learnt or taught. Say that grammar is a system of rules governing the conventional arrangement and relationship or words is a sentence. In order words, grammar tells us how to construct a sentence. Moreover, grammar is very important to be learn by the students, is she/he wants to master the English skills well.
Most of the students still made a lot of errors in writing such as ungrammatical sentence, incorrect paragraphs organization, and incorrect words choice. They cannot differentiate which word/pattern is appropriately used. It is really difficult for them to use words/pattern is correctly, particularly in making sentences. States that the third grade students of SMU still have low achievement to use direct and indirect speech in the sentence. It means that they made some errors by using the direct and indirect speech in sentences.
Although the previous research, in this case, Rugaiyah has done this research at SMU , but it appears question “May this problem be errors in the use of indirect speech” also happen in the other place regency include ? That is why, the writer has motivated to do this study in order to find the answer of the above question.
Error and mistake are two words that almost of us cannot differentiate their meaning. Says that mistake is the most general and used in most situations, for example “Going on a camping holiday with young children was definitely a mistake”. While error, it is used when talking about calculations and technical or formal context, such as “I think there are a few errors in your calculations”
Talking about errors, says that there are kinds of errors namely: (1) global error; it is a wrong that influence totality of organization sentence until lights to disturb of communication; (2) local error, it is wrong that influence of element in sentence which usually undisturbed of communication in significance. For in the English language for instance, include of errors in inflection verb and nominal, article, auxiliary, and so on.
Based on the above explanation, the writer is interested to research the errors kinds that students do in their sentence by using indirect speech.

B.   Problem Statement
Related the background, the writer formulates the problem statement in third year the question form, namely: what kinds of errors do the students of Senior High School make in their sentence by using indirect speech.
C.   Objective of the Research
This research is aimed to find out the kinds of errors that the third year students  Senior High School make in their sentences by using indirect speech.
D.   Scope of the Research
It is limited to find out the error kinds of use of indirect speech in sentences by the year students of Senior High School.
E.   Significance of the  Research
The findings of this research are useful not only for the student, but also for teacher, for student, he/she gets information “How to differentiate direct and indirect speech” while for the teacher, he/she knows the kinds of error that always happen in the student’s sentence that they make more over the teacher can also plan his/her remedial for his/her students. 

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