Definition of Lectora

   Lectora is an Electronic learning (e-learning) development tool, also known  as authoring software, developed by Trivantis Corporation. Lectora is used to create online training courses, assessments, and presentations. It is also used for the conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into e-learning content.Lectora is produced and released in 1999 by Trivantis Corporation, founded by Timothy D. Louder milk in Cincinnati, Ohio. The product is sold to corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in more than 60 countries. There are some versions of Lectora such as:

  1. Lectora Inspire includes all the features and functionality included in LectoraPublisher and also includes Camtasia® for Lectora, Snagit® for Lectora, and Flypaper for Lectora
  2. Professional Publishing Suite Lectora Professional Publishing Suit include as all the features and functionality included in Lectora Publisher and also includes a set of media editing tools. 
  3. Lectora Publisher – Lectora Publisher is the standard version of Lectora.Lectora was complete, suitable and useful e-learning software for creating an interactive learning media. Lectora can be used so easy by the teacher that the teacher can create media of learning relate to his/her subject. Most of teachers already recognize power point and adobe flash; both are good for creating learning media. Although by doing some ways, power point and Adobe flash can be used for making an interesting learning media. But the aim of creating power point is for presentation, not for learning media.

    Then Adobe Flash is software from Adobe that is used for making animation, and it is not for creating learning media. Lectora, from the beginning it was created for e-learning’s need. Moreover, Lectora can be used for learning’s need in two ways, online and offline and can be created quickly and easily. By using Lectora, we can combine flash, record video, combine picture and screen capture. When we install at once about 800 Mb, the following software include:

  1. Flypaper

Flypaper is used for combining picture, video, flash, animation, game memory etc. this software produces file in swf form so that is easy to integrate with Lectora. 

     2. Camtasia

Camtasia is used the steps that we did on monitor screen. This software can be used to edit video and publish as a video

     3. Snagit

Snagit can be used to capture the monitor screen because it has a print screen technology. In old way, we capture image on the monitor screen, then put it in paint first but by using Snagit we do not need it. Snagit can do more than that because Snagit can combine some pictures as one and publish in various picture files.

  Beside the software above, by implementing Lectora we can compose more interesting and easier evaluation than power point or flash. Some evaluations can be composed as follow: (1) Multiplechoice; (2) True/False; (3) Matching; (4) Shortanswer; (5) Drag andDrop (6) Hot Spot; (7) Essay;and (8) Fill inBlank



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