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Why Should Graiti be Considered Art?

    In this article, I will explain why graiti is art, and I will explain how graiti is essential in our culture. There are some reasons why graiti shows us the potential that life has to offer.

   First, graiti enables the public to see something they may have never seen before. It connects them to the artist, and the artist gets to know that their work is loved and affects those who see it. They can take a simple old building or any piece of art on the side of a building and turn it into a masterpiece by putting their mark on it. Thenartists who paint graiti have made this art form what it is today. Graiti artists can change the meaning of what they are drawing to the public.

    Second, graiti has the power to affect people positively. The people who create it are expressing themselves. They are expressing their artistic abilities and their voices through a canvas. Their voices are the voices of our future. You can tell the quality of a person’s painting by the audience that they are drawing. People will stand and watch you paint for hours. Many times, they will stand and look, never once moving from their spots. People will then tell you how much they like it and share their thoughts and opinions. The artists are no longer making art for themselves.

    The last reason why graiti is an art is because of its uniqueness. Graiti can be made with many different materials, but its most common form is made by applying paint to a building’s wall. Graiti is made by someone utterly other than the artist, which means no two pieces are the same. Graiti is a form of expression because it gives the reader or viewer the chance to see something different from their everyday life. Graiti art is not meant to be understood by everyone, but everyone is meant to be appreciated.

    Thus, as part of the existing society, every person must strive to educate themselves of the origins of graiti and how it has evolved to this very day. A stock of knowledge doesn’t hurt; instead, it is a door that leads to understanding and more positivity.



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