1.1  Background of the Study
English as an international language, is used in many countries all over theworld. It also plays an important role as a means of both oral and written communication. For that reason, many people learn about English. In learning English, we often find difficulties. What  Ramelan says (1944:4) that a foreign language student will meet difficulties  in his learning process may be easily understood.
Nowadays, language is changing with the changing of the world in science and technology. People, especially young learners should be able to face modern life in the global era. When the learners struggle to live in the global era, they should have many skills including mastering foreign languages. One of them is English, the international language. By mastering English, they already have a key in reaching the goals. English as a foreign language plays a very important role in education, furthermore, GBHN (1993: 125) says:“Perlu pula ditingkatkan kemampuan menggunakan bahasa asing untukmemperluas cakrawala berpikir dan memperkuat penguasaan ilmu dan teknologi serta meningkatkan kemampuan berkomunikasi dalam masyarakat internasional”
In free translation, it would be:“It is necessary to increase the ability to use foreign language to extended our , thought, to strengthen our knowledge and technology and also to increase the communication ability in international community” The learners who master English usually have bigger  chance to develop their language learning. They are more appreciated than other learners who are not able to do so. So, from the description above, it is clear that English is very important.
In Indonesia, English is considered as the first foreign language. The government has chosen it as the first foreign language to be taught in our schools and always makes efforts to improve the quality of English teaching and learning. English is introduced into curriculum as a compulsory subject at the first grade of junior high school until the third grade of senior high school. It is also taught in some semesters at university. Nowadays, English is taught at elementary school. It is based on the Head of National Education Department Policy on the KTSP English Curriculum (2006 : 4), that : “English is an international language  that is hecessary to teach for the purpose of absorbing and developing the science, technology and arts, developing the countries relationship and also for improving the education develoopment, especially for the students’ language skills”
Teaching English at elementary school  is different from the one at other grade of schools. It is because the students at elementary schools are children while at other grade of schools are teenagers and adults. It is, of course, teaching children are not as easy as teaching adults. They have different characteristics and motivations. It is stated by Lynne Cameron (2001:1) that: “Children are often more enthusiastic and lively as learners. They want to please the teacher rather than their peer groups. They will attempt an activity even when they do not quite understand why or how. However, they also lose interest more quickly and they are less able to  keep themselves motivated on the tasks they find difficult”. By nature, children like imitating. In the learning process, they have a tendency to imitate. The children like to learn spontaneously and directly from their environment. It is hot different from learning English. The children's environment is seen exerting a major influence. It provides both the models which they imitate and the rewards which make learning take place. Children acquire their mother tongue by listening. In learning a language children just listen first.So, listening is important to support learning English, especially in learning
English children songs. Laid law Brothers (1962: 26) says that a good listening is not accidental. Foreign ????????????????????????


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