1.      Background
English is an international language. In facing the free market era its role will be more seriously felt. The era is known as a mega-competition, in which competitors have to possess the pre-requirement of being able to use English as communication means. It is the striving for understanding all aspects of global existence through information exchange. We cannot keep the science development and global technology development in balance, without the mastery of English. There are some books, some recent researchers, some new articles, some written mass medias, and some other information in website, that are commonly presented in English. Thus, the English mastery is more helpful to the process of knowledge acquisition, especially in the field of education to promote its quality.
            Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear. The teacher of English should find out solution by crating efficient and effective technique of teaching in teaching English vocabulary, besides that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible. The learning will occur within reasonable period of time.
Realizing how important the vocabulary and how difficult students to build up the teachers of English have provided students with rich exciting exercise which are expected to help vocabulary mush be very helpful to improve the students’ ability in English communication. Allen (1997:149) says that vocabulary is very important in a language, when we learn a language like English; we learn the words of language. Students must continue to learn words as they learn structure as they practice the target language. The vocabulary is needed very to master the four skills in English.
Through vocabulary, we convey our ideas, emotion, and efficiently. Without mastering it, people will not be able to use English effectively. In all language teaching, students must continually learn vocabulary as they learn structure (Allen 1997:149).
An important thing is due to the fact that vocabulary is one of the components of language and that no language exists without words. Words are signs or symbols for ideas. They are means by which people exchange their thoughts. The more words we learn, the more ideas we should have. So we can communicate the ideas more effectively.
Vocabulary as one of language elements which functions not only to support the use of the other elements of language (pronunciation, spelling, and grammar) but also to facilitate the use of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Learning vocabulary is one important matter in learning language but it is not a simple work to do. The bad score on vocabulary found in the students’ achievement does not mean that there are no efforts to solve the problem. Both teachers and students have tried to apply various methods and techniques in teaching and learning vocabulary. However, there are many factors assumed to give influence in teaching and learning process such as students’ characteristics, materials, teachers’ character, etc.
There are no specific rules to learn vocabulary efficiently, however, teachers may use various methods in teaching vocabulary. Among other teaching methods is Fishbone Method. Cleveland (2005: 38) defines the fishbone map is a bit more complex than the cause and effect map. The fishbone map illustrates several causes that produce a certain result.
The process of creating fishbone diagram helps the student focus on the topic, requires the student to review what they already know in order to organize that knowledge, and helps the student to monitor their growing comprehension of?????????????????????


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