A.   Background
In learning English, there are four skills we must comprehend. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The four skills mentioned are divided into receptive and productive skills. Speaking and writing are productive skills, while listening and reading are receptive skills. Beside the four language skills above, reading is of great importance to stu2dent show mother tongue is not English, because they almost do not have opportunity to hear or to speak that language. Comprehending English is a difficult thing for students if they are do not have basic knowledge, especially in comprehending reading text.
Reading is a process recognition or interpretation of written materials and it ideals with the language form. Sheng (2001:12) stated that reading is a process of communication from the writer to the reader. It involves letters, words, phrases, and clauses. Through reading, we can increase our experience, develop new concept, solve our problem, study how the words are used, how to implement the grammatical rules, and get many knowledge. Interest to learn with pleasant method.
In teaching reading, teacher should introduce other materials as an alternative to give various situations to student in classroom process. These materials can be a media; it can be create a comfortable atmosphere interest and to stimulate the students’ motivation during the classroom process. In the other hand, most high motivation is needed to learn reading. They should have an effective.
The role materials only one of the important factor in teaching process that is closely linked to the students learning success, as Richard and Rodgers (1986:26) state that the role of instructional materials within an individualized instructional system might include the following specifications:
1.      Material will allow learners to progress of them own rates of learning.
2.      Material will allow for different style of learning.
3.      Material will provide opportunities for independent style and use.
4.      Material will provide opportunities for self, evaluation, and progress in learning.
Relating to the case above, the writer conducted a research under  the title : ” Increasing the students’ reading comprehension through authentic materials at  the second year students of SMA Sari Buana Makassar”
B.   Problem Statements
            Related to the background above, the writer formulates a research questions as :
How is the implementation authentic material to increase the students’ reading comprehension the second year students of SMA Sari Buana Makassar?
C.      Objective of the study
   Based on the research problems above, the objective of the research are as follows:
To find out the implementation authentic material to increase........................................


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