improving the students vocabulary achievement through make a match model



A.    Background
Nowadays, English as an international language has been socialized to all students from secondary school to university in Indonesia since it is brought into curriculum in formal education. In fact, English is also thought in elementary school as an optional subject. It is because English is acceptable worldwide as international communication language. So it is very important for the society in interacting with other people of different countries who might have different mother tongue.
Learning vocabulary is really an important aspect that must get special attention. Vocabularies are like fuels for car of language. Without enough vocabularies the car of language cannot go as far as it must be lack of vocabularies could make the idea unclear and the listener could misunderstand the message sent from the speaker.     
Therefore, introducing about the vocabulary is need for the students especially in junior high school. Noerzain (2006: 2) revealed that most of pupils face difficulties to understand English text even the simple one, it is caused by the lack of vocabulary mastery. While, Aminah in her research found that the low of vocabulary achievement influenced the students understands in reading comprehension (Aminah in Nurhudah. 2009). Base on the fact that there are still many students are have some problems in learning these skill although they have studied it for a long time. The problem that faced by the students is lack of vocabulary and its complexity. This complexity brings the difficulties to the students who try to master vocabulary.
To achieve or to have a good mastery on the four language skill vocabulary as language component plays a very important role. What to read, speak, listen and write are words of language are termed as vocabulary. Therefore the mastery of vocabulary should always be improved.
Certainly, there are many methods that can help students to enrich and to master the English vocabulary. Realizing the phenomena above, the teacher should find solution in steering an efficient and effective in method in teaching English vocabulary particularly by introducing a new item in enriching students’ vocabulary.
Therefore, teacher should have a good strategy or method in teaching and learning process in the classroom. Not only have the teachers who always give the students the way to do something, but also students has make effort to seek the best way for themselves. The teachers must creative to improve the students’ vocabulary, the teacher must be creating varieties method in teaching English special is vocabulary.
Base on statement above, the writer would like to introduce make a match method that could be used by teachers to improve their teaching vocabulary in teaching English especially and can.................................

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