Kinds of the Reading 
Nasr (1984:78-79) divided reading into two kinds. Namely: silent reading and oral reading.
a. Silent reading
The main aim in silent reading is understand. We can do silent reading faster than oral reading because silent reading there is no oral expression
b. Oral reading
Someone has firstly good pronunciation to do oral reading well. In oral reading the students not only read the passenger to be understood but also read orally. The passenger are given in oral reading, the students will get experience in producing to with could be practiced as many time as possible.
c. Comprehension
Comprehension is always directed and controlled by the needs and purpose of the reader, there for the reader can not read with good comprehension. If the subject of the text is one who does not know and has no real interest in it. In comparing between reading and comprehension. Hornby, A.S (1998) said that reading comprehension is a term to identify those skills needed to understand and apply that information contained within written material.

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