Improving the Students Reading Skill to Find Out the Main Ideas Through Keyword

Title                : “Improving the Students Reading Skill to Find Out the Main Ideas
                           Through Keyword ”

A. Background
      Reading is one of the important aspects in learning English. Reading it self is a complex and complicated process which involves the internal and external factors of the students. The internal factors are everything from the student which can be though, as a result of an interaction in reading process and external factors which are all the factors are from outside of the student.
      Reading is an active process of identifying important ideas, comparing evaluating, and applying them (Mc.Whorter, 1994:4). Therefore, inreding paragraph we have to try to comprehend the main ideas of the reading without comprehending the paragraph, it will be very difficult to understand what we have read or what the writer means in reading material.
      A reader must not only see and identify the symbols in front of him, but he must also be able to interpret what he reads, associating with past experiences and projects beyond this term of ideas, judgment, application and conclusion. These caused that reading should be taught to improve the ability of the student in reading.
      Actually most of the students in South Sulawesi, find the difficulties in identifying the main ideas of English paragraph. It is providing by the result of EBTANAS every year, most of them also got low score in English subject, Iskandar in Kaddafi (1995:5). He food that although students of SMU Lalabata Riaja have been taught for three quarter, they were still hard to get the main ideas of reading passage. Mostly, they are good in reading but cannot understand the content if what they have read. This problem probably appears because they lack of vocabulary and they have low mastery in grammar or the material is too difficult for them.
      If they have low mastery in grammar in lack of vocabulary. Of course, they will find difficulties in identifying the main ideas of a paragraph and it will be very hard for them to understand the content of the text.
      Similarly, being able to identify and read the important sentences in paragraph do       not guarantee understanding of what we have just read. The best manifestation of the understanding of central though or main ideas in text is the ability to take the passage a side and express the code of the massage by using students personal vocabulary.
      Concerning with problems above, the writer is interested to conduct a research under the title: “Improving the Students Reading Skill to Find Out the Main Ideas Through keyword at the First Year Level of SMP ”.
B. Problem Statements
      Based on the previous statements, the writer formulated problem statement as follow:
1). What is the student can be Improve Reading Skill to Find Out Main Ideas
     Through Keyword at the Second Year Level of SMP ”?
2). Is there a significance difference before and after find out main idea through
     Keyword at the second year students of SMP ”?
C. The Objective of the Research
1). To find out the student reading skill in finding main idea through keyword at the
     Second year level of SMP 
2). To find out the significance before and after in finding main idea through keyword at
     The second year student of SMP 
D. Significant of the Research
      The result of the research is expected to be piece of useful resources in improve the student reading skill to find out main idea through keyword at the second year level of SMP  
E. Scope of The Research
      This research focus on the improving reading skill to find out main idea through keyword at the second year level of SMP 
F. Definition of Operational Variable
a. Reading skill
      Reading is respective skill in the written mode, reading can help build vocabulary. Here are the micro-skills involved in reading. Consist of : pick out key words, such as those identifying topics and main ideas, get the main point or the most important information.
b. Main ideas
      Mc. Whorter (1992:189) states that the main idea is the most important idea conveyed about the topic. The sentence that express this main idea is called the topics sentences.
C. keyword
      Mastropieri (1988) keyword is a mnemonic device that uses both auditory and visual cues to enhance the learning of information about the word meanings. From the definition above, the writer conclude that keyword is learning vocabulary through the root of word.
      Atkinson in Susan R.Old (2001), “Keyword method is mnemonic technique in which a new word is associated with a similar sounding familiar word, or keyword. A mental image is then formed linking the unfamiliar word to the keyword. For example, if the new word is “celerity”, meaning “speed”, the keyword could be “celery”. A mental image of a piece of celery flying through the air could then be formed”.
G. Methodology of the Research
       The method will apply in the research uses experimental method where the writer uses two classes. One class as experimental group and another is control group.
H. Population and Sample
1. Population
The population of this research is the Second Year Student of SMP  that consists of 42 students.
2. Sample
The writer uses total sampling technique. It means that the sample consist of 42 students, the writer will divide into two classes, 21 students of experimental group and 21 students of control group.  

I. Variable of the Research
1). Independent variable is to find out main idea through keyword
2). Dependent variable is improving reading skill

J. Instrument of the Research
      The instrument of the research that will be used by the writer is the test. The test is as follow:
1. Pre-test
The pre-test will be given to find out main idea of the reading text without we given students a keyword.
2. Treatment
Treatment will be given before the students do the post-test
3. Post-test
The post-test will be given to find out the improvement of the students after presenting the reading text with the application of the reading skill to find out main idea through keyword.
K. Procedure of Collecting Data
1. The researcher gives first test as pre-test
2. The class is taught with reading test to find out main idea through keyword. This step   called treatment was done for 12 times of meeting.
3. The researcher gives post-test to the class.
l. Technique of Data Analysis
      The writer will be know the significant difference between the score of the pre-test and post-test, the writer will calculate the value of the test  by using the following



∑x2 d
          N (N-1)
 t =   

Notation :        Md      =  mean different pre-test and post-test
                        Xd       =  deviation each subject (d-Md)
∑x2 d   =  amount quadrate deviation
N         =  subject to sample
d.b       =  N-1


Md =              


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