“Increasing The Grammar Ability By Using Modeling Technique”.


          This chapter deals with background of the research, problem statement, objective, significance of the research, and scope of the research.

A.  Background
          Many students who study English can not use it for oral communication because they don’t master English well mainly grammar and vocabulary. In order to master English well. The elements of the language such us vocabulary, grammar and sound system must also be taught to the students as the basic knowledge to words the English use and skill. Through the study of grammar, students would become more familiar with the grammar of their native language and that this familiarity would help them understand, so they can speak and write better.
          Unfortunately, English grammar sometimes makes Indonesian students confused because it is different from the grammar of their mother tongue, so that the ability of the Indonesian's students in grammar still low. From this, the researcher tries to conduct research by using modeling technique to increase the students’ ability in grammar.
          Modeling technique is one of the ways to know how far students understand about grammar. Realizing the importance of modeling technique for the students, teacher must take an effort to increase their students’ ability, This technique is one of the possible r ways that can help the teacher to develop their students’ ability in learning; however, vocabulary is easy although the fact it is vocabulary that the students fear most. The harder part to understand is grammar. Therefore a student who has sufficient knowledge of grammar is potentially able to understand that language skill. He is able to use the language functions in daily life. Studying grammar helps your understanding in grammar. So that you able to listen read, speak and write.
          There are some additional for the importance of teaching grammar:
Ø The grammar of foreign language is different and a new matter for students. When his native language rulers are applied, he must make inference and or errors. This brings a new problem in this foreign language. (Lado, 1977:23).
Ø The learner is unable to recall precisely all foreign language sentences that he has learn to be used in communication. He has to know grammar to build sentences productively to communicate.
          As teacher, we must prepare variety of technique of teaching to help our students study and acquire grammar. Sometimes this involves teaching grammar rules.
          Based on the previous statement above the researcher conduct a research under title “Increasing The Grammar Ability Of The Second Year Student Of SMP Negeri I Takalar By Using Modeling Technique”.

B.   Problem Statement
          Grammar ability is one of the very significant elements is gaining the level of proficiency a language and there have been studies and findings disclosed aid present on the various easy of teaching grammar.
          The problem in the research is formulated as follows; can the use of the modeling technique effectively increase the grammar ability of the second year students of SMP Negeri 1 Takalar ?

C.  Objective of the Research
          Based in the problem statement above the objective of the research is to find of the effectiveness of the use of the modeling technique in teaching grammar to increase the student's ability by the second year students of SMP Negeri 1 Takalar.

D.  Significance of the Research
          The result of this research is expected to be useful information for the teacher, students, and people who concern, about teaching method and its implementation in teaching English grammar.

E.   Scope of the Research
          The research is under the discipline of applied linguistics. The scope of the research is restricted to effectiveness of use modeling technique grammar to increase the student’s ability in using the simple present tense. The simple present tense will be taken from the book of “Mediatama linked of the world” English for junior high school grade II and based curriculum 1994.

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