Narrative Text Title Cinderella Soal Pilihan Ganda Lengkap Dengan Jawabannya


       Sometime in the distant past there was a delightful young lady, her name is Cinderella. She lived with her stride mother and her two stepsister. They were exceptionally bossy. Her mom was dead, so her dad had hitched the lady who she called as stepmother.Every one of the things about Cinderella was a slip-ups in her stepmother’ eyes. Not just bossy lady, her stepmother was coldblooded and awful. She just gave all the decent things to her own little girls. No affection at all which Cinderella got. Cinderella like a common hireling in her own home. No perk up by any means. No decent rests and solace place by any means. It was similar to a damnation. Cinderella just has a lovely feline. It was a clever and kind creatures. It like a companion for Cinderella. “Cinderella, come here revolting!” Said her stepmother. “Yes mother!” addressed Cinderella. “Clean my room, and Bathroom, keep in mind cook for lunch, now!” “However mother, I’m wiped out!” said Cinderella. “I couldn’t care less!” addressed her stepmother.

       There was a welcome to every one of the young ladies in that town to go to the royal residence. What’s more, the fortunate young lady would wed with ruler. Neither her stepsister was so glad nor her stepmother. They attempt to purchase an excellent new dresses, shoes, and all the delightful and extravagant stuffs.Cinderella even challenge ask to her stepmother, “Shouldn’t something be said about me mother!” And the answer would be “Hey, you stupid Cinderella, you simply staying at home to clean all the room, wash all the plate, scour the floor! You realize that Cinderella, you are monstrous, and ruler never take a gander at you even a chomp!” Cinderella hurried to her room and cried. “Gracious God, why they are so merciless. Help me!” Suddenly the stunning transpired, there was a burst of light and after that the pixie showed up. “Try not to be pitiful  wonderful. I will help you!” said pixie.

       The pixie changed Cinderella, she got to be wonderful with her new princess dress wear on. With an enchantment wand. The pixie make a lovely shoes by her enchantment wand. It was similar to a glass shoes. Cinderella went to the ball by taking a pumpkin truck. Be that as it may, she must return before a midnight gone. Since the enchantment would be over then. At the point when Cinderella went to the dance floor at the lovely castle. The ruler so upbeat and affection at the initial introduction and said “she would be my wife” But Cinderella was utilizing a cover on that gathering. “Who are you excellence!” asked ruler.

       In any case, all sudden, the clock sound that midnight would over. It implied she must go home. She hurried to her pumpkin. “Hold up… ” asked sovereign. Cinderella lost her cleared out side of her glass shoes. Yet, Cinderella just went and run. “I would discover you!” said ruler. He after that gathering, would go to discover a young ladies whose foot fits to the glass shoe. Nobody can be fit to the glass shoe. Until he went to Cinderella’s home. Be that as it may, her stepmother didn’t permit Cinderella out from room. Sovereign was deppresed that her stepsisters was not that young lady. Until ruler saw Cinderella startlingly. “Hey you, please come!” So amazingly that Cinderella is the singular case out of many others who can fit to the glass shoe. “You are that young lady. I accept!”

After that minute, the sovereign had hitched to Cinderella. What’s more, they live cheerfully until the end of life.

1.What is the tittle of that text?

a. Cinderella

b. Timun Mas

c. Princess

d. Roro Jonggrang

2.What is the character of Cinderella’s step mother?

a. Kind

b. Good

c. Cruel

d. Friendly

3.How many step sisters that Cinderella has?

a. Two


c. Five

d. Seven

4.What kind of work that Cinderella’s step mother wants?

a. Wash clothes

b. Sleeping

c. Watching Tv

d. Shopping

5.What Cinderella has to go to a party?

a. Expensive shoes

b. Cheap shoes

c. Glass shoes

d. Black shoes

6. Why the prince asks Cinderella to be his wife?

a. Because she can fit glass shoes

b. Because she is cruel

c. Because she is the only woman in the party

d. Because cinderella is friendly woman

7. Who changed Cinderella?

a. Her step mother

b. Her step sister

c. Her pixie

d. Her parents

8.What kind of text above?

a. Descriptive text

b. Recount text

c. Narrative text

d. Explanation text

9. How many people in that text?

 a. 1

 b. 2

 c. 3

 d. 4

10. Who is the main character in that text?

a. Step mother

b. Step sister

c. Cinderella

d. Neighbour

Kunci Jawaban

1. a

2. c

3. a

4. a

5. c

6. a

7. c

8. c

9. d

10. c

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