Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages of SQRQCQ (Survey, Question, Re-read, Question, Construct,Question)Method

1. Definition of SQRQCQ (Survey, Question, Re-read, Question, Construct,Question) Method

       SQRQCQ is one of the problem-solving process learning methods giving the students ability to gain a holistic understanding through reading activities. From the acronym SQRQCQ, there are six steps in this strategy. The first is survey. The second is question. The next is reread. The fourth is question. The fifth is construct. And the last step is question.Heidema (2009) states SQRQCQ can help the students focus on a process to decide what problem is asking, what information is needed, and what approach to use in solving the problem. It also asks students to reflect on what they are doing to solve the problem, on their understanding, and on the reasonableness of a solution.

2. The Advantages of SQRQCQ Method

      The Advantages of SQRQCQ Method are students can improve students’ reading comprehension.It helps student to ask effective questions as they read and respond to the text.Students get thinking creatively and work cooperatively when uses higher level thinking skills.It helps students to think about the text they are reading.

3. The Disadvantages of SQRQCQ Method 

       For students who have a hard time thinking beyond the text, this will be a challenging task and will require a lot of time to apply to their own readings. These students need consistent practice in determining the type of thinking the text is requiring them to do.

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