Four Little Rabbit Narrative Text Soal Pilihan Ganda lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

Four Little Rabbit

       Once upon a time there were four little rabbits. Their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter. One morning they were allowed to play outside. Their mother reminded them not to go to Mr. McGregor’s garden because their father had an accident there.Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail were good little rabbits. They went down the lane to pick blackberries. But Peter was naughty. He ran straight away to Mr. McGregor’s garden. He ate some lettuces, French beans, and radishes. Suddenly, he met Mr. McGregor. Peter was very frightened and rushed away as fast as he could. He lost a pair of shoes and a jacket while he was running. Peter never stopped running or looked behind him till he got home. During the evening, he was sick because he was so tired. He had to drink some medicine while three of his brother had bread, mild and blackberries for supper.

1. Who was the naughtiest rabbit?

A. Flopsy    C. Cotton tail

B. Mopsy.    D. Peter

2. What did Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail eat?

A. carrot             C. lettuce

B. blackberries D. strawberry

3. What did Peter lose while he was running?

A. one of his shoes      C. vegetable

B. a book                       D. a pair of shoes

4. Why did Peter get sick? Because ….

A. He was so tired    C. He caught a cold

B. He did not eat.      D. He was eating too much

5. Peter met….. at the garden

A. Flopsy                   C. Mrs. McGregor

B. Mr. McGregor.     D. His father

6. What did they pick?

A. blackberries.     C. carrot

B. strawberry         D. lettuce

17. Their mother reminded them not to go to…..

A. Mr. McGregor’s garden

B. Rice field          

C. Garden                 

D.Mr. McGregor’s house

18. Their father got accident in….

A. Mr. McGregor’s house 

B. rice field 

C. Mr. McGregor’s garden

D. their house

19. How many rabbit in the story?

A. four rabbits    C. three rabbits

B. six rabbits       D. five rabbits

10. Who should take some medicine? 

A. flopsy        C. cotton tail

B. mopsy.       D. peter

Key Answer

1. D. Peter

2. B. Blackberries

3. A. One of his shoes

4. A. He was so tired

5. B. Mr. McGregor

6. A. Blackberries

7. A. Mr. McGregor’s garden

8. C. Mr. McGregor’s garden

9. A. fFour rabbits

10. D. Peter

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