PEMBAHASAN JUDUL SKRIPSI BAHSA INGGRIS SPEAKING PART 1 (Peer Interviewing, Community Language Learning Method (CLLM) & Cue Card)

PEMBAHASAN JUDUL SKRIPSI BAHSA INGGRIS SPEAKING PART 1 (Peer Interviewing, Community Language Learning Method (CLLM) & Cue Card)


1.      Peer Interviewing

a.       The Use of Peer Interviewing to Improve the Students Speaking Ability at the SMA

b.      The Improving the Students Speaking Ability at the SMA by Using of Peer Interviewing

2.      Community Language Learning Method (CLLM)

a.       The Use of Community Language Learning Method (CLLM) in Teaching Speaking Ability

b.      The effectiveness of using Community Language Learning Method (CLLM) in Teaching Speaking Ability

3.      Cue Card

a.       The Improving the Students’ Speaking Ability by Using Cue Card at the Eighth Year Students of SMPN

b.      The Effect of Using Cue Card at the Eighth Year Students of SMPN to Improving the Students’ Speaking Ability


1.      Peer Interviewing

Defenisi Peer Interviewing

Pair interviewing is a one way in encouraging and improving student to speak up and to be active in the learning process and also expected the student have positive attitude. In short, the activity starts with two students which are interviewing each other. They were interviewing each other about the topic given

Procedure Peer Interviewing

a.       Teacher explains to student about the topics which are going to be interviewed.  Topics tat given to student considered an interesting topics that make them active to interview.

b.      After the student understand about the topics is going to be interviewed, teacher gives student to think about the topic for 5-10 minutes, to make sure that they have  ready to interview each other.

c.       Next, the student move their chair and take sit face to face for each pair and the teacher gives commands to begin the interview.

d.      Each student have time about 5- 10 minute to interview his/her partner and then his / her partner became an interviewing for each pair 30-40 minutes.

e.       While the activity conducted, the teacher working around to control student and make sure that they are speaking  English for interviewing.

f.       When time is up, the teacher asks to students to stop the activity and  take a sit like before the interview activity conducted.

g.      Before teacher gives some conclusion about the topic that has been interviewed, the teacher ask to each student to tell their point of view about the topic has been interviewed in front of  class or just stand up on the their  chair and other student will listen it.

h.      Last, teacher gives conclusion and closes the activity.

2.      Community Language Learning Method (CLLM)

Defenisi Community Language Learning Method (CLLM)

Community Language Learning Method is counseling learning where it is a non-direct therapies approach which is designed to easing the learners in acquiring the target language. This design of CLLM discusses about activities of teaching learning using CLLM technique such as : objective, the syllabus, type learning and teaching activities, learner roles, and teacher roles

Procedure Community Language Learning Method (CLLM)

a.       Translation. Learners from a small circle. A learner whisper a message or meaning he or she want to express, the teacher translates it into the target language, and the learner repeats the teacher’s translation.

b.      Group work. Learners may engage in various group tasks, such as small group discussion of a topic, preparing a conversation, preparing a summary of a topic for presentation to other group. Preparing a story that will be presented to the teacher and the rest of the class.

c.       Recording. Students record conversations in the target language.

d.      Transcription. Students transcribe utterances and conversation they have recorded for practice and analysis of linguistic forms.

e.       Analysis. Students analyze and study transcriptions of target language sentence in order to focus on particular lexical usage or on the application of particular grammar rules.

f.       Reflection and observation. Learners reflect and report on their experience of the class, as a class or in groups.

g.      Listening. Students listen to a monologue by the teacher involving elements they might have elicited or over hear in class interactions

h.      Free conversation. Students engage in free conversation with the teacher or with other learners

3.      Cue Card

Defenisi Cue Card

Harmer  (2007)  states  that  cue  cards  are cards  with  words  and  pictures  on  them,  which  students  use  in  pair  or  group work.  Cue  cards  also  make  the  students  speak  up  on  the  spot  or  particular word or phrases  in  a  conversation  or  in  sentence. It can be  concluded  that cue  cards  make  the  students  active  in  speaking

Procedure Cue Card

a.       First,  this  activity  is  “guessing  the  picture”.  The  teacher  prepares one  envelope  (20  cards),  then  the  teacher  gives  the  students  guidance  as to  the  sort  of  questions  they  should  ask  and  the  students  work  in  pairs. Each pair chooses an envelope and puts their cards on the table, looking at  them  very  carefully

b.      Second,  this  activity  is  “do  you  remember”.  The  teacher  prepares an  envelope  (10  cards).    The  students  work  in  pair  and  follow  the instructions  from  the  teacher.  Put  the  cue  cards  on  the  table.  Look  at  the pictures  for  two  minutes

c.       Third,  this  activity  is  “fast”.  The  teacher  prepares  20  cards.  This activity can be carried out in pairs or small groups. The students take the cards and place them face down in a heap. They take it in turns to pick up a  card,  look  at  it,  and  say  the  appropriate  word  in  English


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