A Study on EFL Instruction

A Study on EFL Instruction
This  chapter  presents  background  of  the  study,  statement  of  the  problem,  objectives  of  the  study,  significance  of  the  study,  scope  and  limitation  of  the study, definition of key terms, and organization of the study. 
A.  Background of the Study
There  is  no  doubt  that  language  is  the  main  key  for  human  being  to socialize themselves with others. Language facilitates human to express whatever they  think,  feel,  and  need.  It  helps  human  communicate  themselves  to  others  so they  can  share  everything.  They  use  language  to  share  ideas  both  in  written  and oral  forms.  So,  the  communication  has  important  part  in  daily  life,  especially  in teaching  and  learning  process.  In  the  teaching  and  learning  process, communication  occurs  especially  for  teacher  in  delivering  materials  to  students who are either normal or those belong to students with special need.
Brown  (2000:  7)  stated  that  “teaching  cannot  be  defined  apart  from learning.” Teaching is guiding, facilitating learning, enabling the learner to learn, setting  the  condition  to  enable  the  students  to  learn.  Teacher  simply  taught  the way  that  had  been  taught  to  children,  youth,  or  apprentices.  Teaching  is  exerted the creation of situation that is possible to learning process persisted. The systems of  teaching  consist  of  components  which  influence  each  other,  such  as  the instructional purposes would be reached. Teaching is an organized activity to help students  in  learning.  The  essence  of  teaching  is  seen  as  a  process,  in  which  the??????


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