The Effectiveness of Using Mind Mapping Technique on Students Achievement of Reading Narrative Text in the Second Grade Students of MTs

The Effectiveness of Using Mind Mapping Technique on Students Achievement of Reading Narrative Text in the Second Grade Students of MTs
This chapter presents the background of the research, formulation of research problem, the objectives of the research,  research hypothesis, hypothesis testing, the significance of the research, scope and limitation of the research, and definition of key terms.
A.    Background of the Research
Language is important in our daily communication. People communicate with other or express their feelings, by using language. In Oxford Learner’s pocket Dictionary (2004: 240), language issystem of sound, word etc used by humans to communicate thought and feelings. It means that language is very important for communication in our daily life. And language is one of the instrument of communication. Language is a means of communication. By using language, people can express ideas, thoughts, opinions and their minds. Language in the world is the most important means in life because it is impossible for people to communicate with other and carry on their daily activities without using language. Among those language, English is one of the international languages. As international language, English has many imporant roles.
Recently, English has been becoming number one topic that is being talked by scientist. It is because, almost every person in this earth needs to study English. Learning English is very important. English is essential for education advancement or career development and for interaction with people in other countries. Besides, English is also used to develop science, technology and culture. Based on the national education system, there are four skills which must be acquired by students in learning English, they are reading, listening, speaking and writing. Furthermore, English also has three components that are vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.  Among the four basic skills, reading is one of the most important skills in learning language because the success of their learning depends on the greater part of their ability to read. Reading is construction of meaning from a printed or written message. The construction of meaning involves the reader connecting information from the written message with previous knowledge to arrive at meaning at an understanding. Besides, the issue on the importance of study within context, then support the importance of improving students’ reading skill. Harmer (2010: 102), also states that by reading, it can be used to be a good model in writing for??????????????????????


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