Strategy in Motivating Students to Study English at SMK

Strategy in Motivating Students to Study English at SMK
This chapter presents background of the research, statement of research problems, objectives of the research, significance of the research, scope and limitation of the research, and definitions of key terms.
A.  Background of The Research

Generally  education  is  one  way  to  reach  maturity  in  variety  of things.  Every  citizen  has  the  right  to  get  education  (Amandement  of  UUD 1945,  Chapter:31  Verse:1).  Education  have  an  important  role  in  the development  and  progress  of  society.  Forward  or  backward  a  society  is dependent from the forward or backward of the public education. Therefore, education  is very  important  and  should  be  given  primacy  in  achieving  the public development.
Without  education,  it  is  believed  that  the  human  at  now  is  no different  with  the  human  at  past  generations,  which  is  compared  with  the human at now, has been very behind both in quality of life and empowerment processes. In the extreme it can be said, that forward or backward and good or bad of society civilization or nation will be determined by how the education??????


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