Using Naruto Comic as a Medium in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill

Using Naruto Comic as a Medium in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill
A.    Background
English is one of the human languages in the world that has important role in interaction and communication. It has become international language and almost practiced in all part of life. It is important for us to learn the language.
There are four skills that should be master in learning English, they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Speaking skill is one of the main points to master English because it is required to communicate ideas, opinion and comments with other people in conversational situation. Speaking skill is one of the difficulties in learning English. There are many realities indicate that the students sometimes face many problems in learning English specially in speaking. For instance the students are shy to speak, less motivation, self-confidence, afraid to make mistake and so on. So that’s way I will focus on speaking skill in my research.
Motivation is crucial in language teaching.  One well-known way to arouse students’ interest can be achieved by bringing something extraordinary and new into the language class, especially among teenagers and young   adults.
 Comic can be used efficiently for this purpose. Comics are usually funny; therefore, applying them to methodological purposes will have the same effect as using games in teaching English that brings a cheerful atmosphere into the class.
One of comic is Naruto. Naruto becomes familiar comic and have a lot of fans in around the world. Those pictures are very amazing and touching same as the content of the story. In Indonesia, Naruto series in television


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