The Improvement Of The Students’ Writing Content Through Venn Diagram Method At The Sma

The Improvement Of The Students’ Writing Content Through Venn Diagram Method At The Sma
A.    Background
           The need for english nowdays is increasingly felt in almost every face of life in our country, indonesia. We can not deny that the matery of english is quite necessary for indonesian people. Because it is use as communication tool.
Jacobs. G (2008: 1) states that writing is is one of the language skills that palys an important role in human communication. The most important of writing is coming to be more and more recognized. It is the written mark that links with the outside world is formed.
            There is no doubt that English writing is important as the other language skills. The ability to write is frequently demanded in many occusions in our life. For any reasons writing skill is crusial to most people. In relation about that, Adelstain and Vipal (1980) state that  in all subyects in our life or in all profession, the ability to write or express oneself clearly is essential basic for success. Writing is crucial mean of human communication. It use to communicate with other people in sociaty and to express our feeling and opinions. Writing means of both communication and self expression.
            Writing means how to communicates our opinion to other on the paper. But reality shows that it can not be done well because it is very difficult to express. Furthermore, Goldman and Heaton (1986:126) states that many students still encounter difficulties in writing because it is complex and difficult. In studying English, many students who study in the tertiary level still often make errors in writing though they have learned it for many times, even years.
The difficulty of writing is also caused by the components of writing. Jacobs. G (1981:10) tell that there are five components of writing. The five components are content, organization, vocabulary, language use and mechanics.  They are intergrating related to each other when students producing a good piece of writing. Without having a good mastery of writing components, the students cannot write successfully. Sometimes, when they write the students get difficulties in ???????


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