1.1 Background of the Study
In Indonesia, English is the first foreign language. English has a major position in Indonesian educational system. It is one of the compulsory subjects to be studied in junior and senior high school in today’s Indonesian curriculum. A large number of public and private universities and colleges realizing the demand of producing graduates mastering English. That’s why English is included as one of the subject to be taken in early semester of the study. More over, now there is a preference to teach English at Elementary Schools even in kindergartens.
The students are expected to have skills of language in simple English with emphasis to have speaking skill using selected topics related to their environmental needs such as tourism industry. It is in line with the objectives of learning English at Elementary School as stated in the local content of teaching guidelines that one of the objectives of learning English at Elementary School is that the students are expected to have skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing English with the emphasis on mastery of speaking skill for communication using selected topics related to the environmental needs such as tourism and business in Central Java Province.
Teaching children is not same as teaching adults because they have different characteristics and different motivations. In order to make English teaching successful, we have to consider some factors such as the quality of teacher, students’ interest and motivation, the book used and the others. All of them are involved in a teaching and learning process. In teaching English to children, a teacher plays an important role  because he has to give the very basic introduction of the first foreign language. He must be able to know the students’ interest and motivation in learning English. 
Vocabulary is a fundamental requirement that influence students’ achievement in studying English. Without vocabulary there is no communicate, read, and write can be conveyed. So that, it is important to know what the vocabulary is. As follow is the definition or concept of vocabulary by some experts. Good (1973:143) defines that vocabulary as the words having meaning when heard and seen even though not produce By the individual himself to communicate with others and the words are considered essential for minimal use a language.
Techniques are the tools of a teacher. An effective teacher has a multitude of technique and must be able to select the ones, which will be the most efficient in leading the learners to the desired terminal behavior. To reach the success in teaching and learning process, teacher needs some teaching media such as regalia, chart, picture, etc. 


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