The Improving of Speaking Skill through Talking Chips Method



A.    Background
English as foreign language involves four skills, they are speaking, writing, reading and listening. In teaching English, those skills must be served integrate as much as possible. One of those language skills that influence the language ability is speaking. Teaching speaking is considered to be difficult among the four skills. Chastain in Reski (2010: 1) states that learning to speak is obviously more difficult. It means that more effort is required by the students and various interesting activities are also required by the teacher. Furthermore, he states that it is not enough for the students to hear or to listen speech only. The teacher will need to give the students ample opportunity to practice their speaking.
English teachers effort to make their class interesting with various methods, techniques, with instrument and material in order to stimulate students to learn language skills effectively, especially speaking. For example, in oral language class, the students should be served with conductive learning activity, so that, they can practice English as well as possible. However, Byrne(1986) states that the first task of the teacher is to create  the best condition for students to study. In other words, the teacher responsible to situation where the students can communicate orally with their classmates.
The observation result when the researcher conducted teaching practice in SMA NEG.1 BONTOMARANNU that speaking is also the most frustrating for students in senior high school. It can be seen from Ardawati (2004: 2) who states that the students sometime face many problem in learning English especially in speaking for example  the students are shy to speak, low motivation, less self confidence, afraid to make mistake and soon. Other idea is Rohana (2004: 2) states that many students who want to speak to other usually faces some troubles such as cannot produce their ideas, argument or feeling communicatively. They sometimes can understand what other say but cannot be able to communicate it.
In order to enable students to express their ideas in speaking, teacher must create varieties methods in teaching. One of the alternatives method is using Talking Chips method which is developed by Kagan (1992). It is a group study that students interdependently learn from one other, each students have


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