The Improving The Students’ Writing Skill Through Reflection Learning Method


A.    Background
English is one of the international languages that is used by many people in the world in many areas of everyday life. Therefore, using English is the easiest way to communicate with people from other countries about many aspects in human life such as technology, economy, social, and politics.
In Indonesia, English is a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is an integrated process that the learner should study the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We use with to understand our word through listening and reading and to communicate our feeling, need, and desires through speaking and writing. By having more knowledge about language and getting what we want and need from these around us. The writer does not discuss all language skills but she limits to discuss writing (Fitriani,2009:1).
Writing is form of communication through which people can express their idea, feeling and knowledge. It is widely accepted that writing also crucial means of communication that cannot be separated for human life.
The importance of writing is coming to be more recognized. It is through the written mode that links with the outside world are formed (Smith, 2001:126). Writing enables the human being to communicate and express their feelings and opinions. Writing is a means of both communication and self expressions.
Writing is considered the most difficult to be learned and mastered because it involves some language components (spelling, language use, vocabulary, and punctuation). That is why writing is regarded as the most difficult language skill to learn for a language learner.
One simply way of making writing more meaningful, and interesting to students is to have students writing a reflection and elaborate their experience. Reflection is popular for student, teenagers, adult, and even old people like remember about their experience. People have so many great ideas in their mind, so that they often make writing and keep them as a private collection, even publish the experiences. There is an advantage for students make them to elaborate their ideas in the writing form, because students are trained to expresses and motivate themselves making a creation.
Reflection itself can have many meanings and there is a need to define carefully its use in the context of reflection in learning for post-graduate students in information Systems where we are concerned with its expression in writing (januarty,2007)
The activity-reflection model of is of particular relevance here. It’s expressed in a learning cycle which starts with an initial experience and activity, and after reflection and observation (which is most closely allied to ‘negotiation of meaning’ or???????????????????????????????????


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