Teaching Speaking Skill by using pakem approach at the second years at Smp X (PTK)

Language is an international part of human being in their lives without a language life in the society would be impossible.teachers use language to communicate with the students or their colleagues to give explanation about the subject, to distribute their knowledge. Language consist of four skills namely : listening, reading, speaking, and writing. These skills are divided into two parts. The first part is productive skills and the second part is receptive skills.  Productive skills are speaking and writing. As well as receptive skills are listening and reading.
English as an international language plays an important role for communication in indonesia: it is becoming more and more important with the involvement of the goverment in the teaching english. The english teachers are insisted to be creative to design many communicate activities in the classroom. The motivate students to use the language actively and productively. Anyhow, it is not easy for the teachers to guide the students to speak english in that classroom. Especially in speaking class since many students are frightening to give small talk in the classroom  (Vasille and Muliati 1990 : 50)
According to Harmer (2001:1) a lingua franca can be defined as a language widely adopted for communication between two speaker whose native language are different from each other’s and where one or both speakers are using it as a second language. In other words, it is used for communication between two speaker who have different native languages and they use more than one language as a second language. 
In Indonesia English is taught at SMP (junior high school), SMU (senior high school), in university, many courses and it has also been taught at SD ( elementary school). knowing that english is quite significant for indonesia in the future,the goverment always makes effort to improve the quality of english teaching. By improving the quality of teachers and other components in educational proccess, hopefully the english teaching can improved. One of the improvements of the english teaching deals with syllabus which is reflected in the materials given to the students.
Data from the school that, students have a low motivation to study english. They think english is very difficult subject, Beside that english is the second language in our country. so as a teacher we must creative to create  new learning, in other that students think english is very easy and fun to learn.
According To School Based On Curriculum Degree 2006 (KTSP, 2006:278) the aim of the english teaching in indonesia especially teaching english to junior high school is to enable students to have the ability in developing communicative competence in both oral and written form in achieving functional literacy level, to have the awareness about the essence and the important of ?????????????????????

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