Improving the Students vocabulary through word wall (classroom Action Reserch)

A. Background
English is a tool to communicate both orally and in writing. Ministry of National Education, who was preparing for the competency standards in the curriculum in 2004, stipulates that the ability to be owned by Indonesian students is to understand and express information, thoughts, feelings, and develop science, technology, and culture in the English language. Thus, the English language serves as a tool to communicate in order to access the information other than as a tool to foster interpersonal relationships, exchange information and enjoy the aesthetics of language in British culture. Therefore, the aims of English subject are-as-follows:
1.   To develop the ability to communicate in English, either in the form of oral  or written, which includes listening skills, speaking, writing and reading
2.      To grow awareness of the nature of language and the importance of English as a foreign language to become the main tool of learning
3.      To develop an understanding of the interconnectedness culture and expand cultural horizons so that students have a cross-cultural insights   and can engage in cultural diversity.
One component of language learning is the understanding of the English vocabulary-it-self,-in-addition-to-other-components.
             Vocabulary is the set of known word meanings and can be used by someone in a language. Vocabulary person is defined as the set of all the words are understood by the person or all the words that are likely to be used by such person to construct a new sentence. Vocabulary richness is generally considered a person-is-a-description-of-intelligence-or-education-level. Understanding the vocabulary is generally regarded as an important part of the process of learning a language or develop one's ability in a language that has been mastered. School students often are taught new words as part of a particular subject and many adults who consider the formation of the vocabulary as an interesting and educative  activities.
Vocabulary acquisition is the most fundamental thing that must be mastered in learning the English language a person who is a foreign language for all students and people of Indonesia. How can someone express a language if he does not understand the vocabulary of the language. Especially if it is learned foreign languages, so that mastery of vocabulary is something that is absolutely owned by the language learners .. If a student has English language vocabulary sufficient then automatically will give more support to the achievement of English language competence was four. And vice versa without having an adequate vocabulary a student will have difficulty in achieving competence in the language
The curriculum used in today's competence-oriented, meaning that students are required to have certain competencies or skills as a result of the learning process at school. Competency-based education emphasizes the ability to be possessed by graduates of an education. Competence is often called the standard of competence is the ability of graduates should generally be controlled. Competence according to Hall and Jones (1976: 29) is "a statement which describes the appearance of a certain ability in a round which is a fusion between the knowledge and skills that can be observed and measured." Competence (ability) is a graduate of primary capital to compete on a global level, because the competition is on the ability of human resources. Therefore. , the adoption of competency-based education is ????????????

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