Improving the Students’ Speaking skill through Tongue Twister Technique at the second year in of SMK X"


A.  Background
Language is a means of communication both spoken and written form. As a means of communication, it helps people share their ideas, knowledge, feeling and emotion. English is one of the subject matters learned by students that are given in some educational levels, such as; elementary, intermediate and upper intermediate level. It covers four language skills that must be mastered if someone wants to be successful in English.
There are four skills language in Vocational High School (SMK) namely reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Especially speaking skill, many students considered that learning speaking as a difficult subject. This difficulty is caused by psychology factor of the students and lack of teachers’ creativity in teaching speaking English subject in Vocation High School (SMK). The students at the second Year students at SMK Sari Buana of Makassar still cannot communicate by using English.
Based on information from the English teacher at SMK Sari Buana Makassar at the second grade students especially at the class XII  that the students’ achievement in speaking was still low where the men score of the students’ speaking achievement still got score 5.47 or 54.70%, while the standard speaking in curriculum is 6.5. Because the students still lack in use vocabulary, correct grammatical, correct pronunciation and acceptable interaction. In this study, the researcher wants to solve this problem until the students have a good score. Therefore, through this mechanism the researcher would improve the students’ speaking achievement until achieve score 7.0 or 70% as target of in speaking.
From this reality, the teachers must creative to increase the students’ achievement to make success in learning. In order to enable students to express their idea in speaking, teacher must be creating varieties method in teaching. Many technique and methods had been conduct by the teacher; one of the alternatives in teaching speaking is using Tongue Twister.
Using Tongue Twister method will be helpful the students to speak up, help develop a skill which experts call phonemic awareness or the ability to identify and manipulate sounds (called phonemes) in words that are spoken. For someone who speaks to an audience, working with tongue twisters to build on his/her phonemic awareness helps to develop better articulation and pronunciation of words.
In this case, the teacher introduces a situation which contextualizes the language to be thought then presented, next the students practice the new language in a control way and then students are encouraged to use the new language in a free way either for their own purpose and meanings or ??????????????????????????????????????\

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