Writing Narrative Text Through Writing Marathon Technique

A.      Background
Writing is important way in communication for human life because it is one of the language skills. By writing skill, someone is asked to be clearly formed of writing in order to the communication will be easier to be understood. The importance of writing for human life is the same as the importance in school environment.
Writing is needed in school environment not only as tool for transferring the  knowledge from teacher to the students and student with students but also as one of  English skills that should be learned by students, besides others skill like reading, speaking and listening
As one skill of English, writing can  help students to learn and develop their English by expressing their knowledge, experience and so on. It can be expressed in form of essay a paragraph, a letter, a short story and etc.
In respect to the writing ability, students should know their purpose in writing. When we asked about why they writing, students often say that they write because their teacher asked them and they need to do in the course. Carino (1990:5) explains that the reasons of a writer to write to provide information, to display knowledge, to entertain, to construct or persuade as audience and to ask for something.
Nowadays, English has been studied in all level of school but not all of students like the method which is given by their teachers. In fact, learning English which the same teaching technique sometimes make the students bored. Especially in writing, sometimes students are lack of vocabularies so that it can be obstruction to do that. However, we need the technique which can encourage the creativity and a sense of writing. The students need too the conducive to invite their brain to thinking and we now many tools that the students can use to increase creative ideas in learning English, especially in writing activity.
 The students sometimes could not write their task with many reasons.  Many aspect make the students could not write such as the students do not know how to start the writing, they do not have enough ideas to write, and  could not generate their ideas, probably they understood what should they do but they could not make it. Many students become anxious when they attempt to write. Some get panicly at the sight of the blank pages and say they have ???


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