Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Aesthetic Realism Method


A.    Background
Nowadays, science and technology development demands people to increase their knowledge and experience. One way to increase their knowledge and experience is through reading. Reading is one of the effective ways to gain information. If people say a book is the window of the world, we can say that reading is the eye of the world, because we can identify things through reading. Reading is one of the basic skills of English, but it has a very complex process where the reader tries to discover meaning in print page or script. Through reading one can enhance his experiences, develop new concept and increase his thinking or knowledge.
Reading as one of the basic communicative skills’ of English, reading is an important part of English, as the way of gaining information from written source. Harmer (1991: 68) states that reading is useful for other purpose; it provides good models for English writing and also provides opportunities to study language. For the reasons it will be important to make the reading activity as effective as possible.
Indonesian curriculum has put English as compulsory subject to learn from elementary until university, where reading is one of English skills that the students must master. Besides that, in the final examination test of each school level almost 90% are reading test form where the students are asked to find out the information of text (Depdiknas, 2009). So the teacher has to pay attention for this case or for reading subject even most of the students considered that reading is difficult subject.
Most of reading methods and strategies has been used in the classroom alternately. The result shows that some the students’ English reading achievement is still far from satisfaction. Hafsah (2005:35) assumes that the students find difficulties in reading such as they do not understand the content of the material, what the text about and also hard to find main idea of paragraph. So the question now is how to make the students are interested in learning reading or we can say what should be teacher done to increase the students ability in reading especially in identifying information of the text.
The observation result when the researcher conducted teaching practice at the second year of SMK , the students’ reading comprehension skill still poor.  All of the students can be read but only a few of students can comprehend or can understand what they have read especially English text. It because many factors such as the students consider that English is a subject that very difficult, bored and scares because meaning and letters are different. The other factor is the teacher always uses the same method to teach English subject like the direct method. It is also make the students more bored to study English. As value of observation in the classroom the students’ has score 5.5. This score is as a poor category. In this research the aim is to solve this problem until the students have a good score, while the standard curriculum is 6.5. The researcher wants to achieve the score at 7.0 target in learning reading comprehension.
Facing the problem above, the researcher would like to introduce a method that could be used by teachers to improve their teaching and can help the students to have better comprehension in learning English reading, it is Aesthetic Realism Method.
Using Aesthetic Realism Method will be helpful the students in reading. It makes substantial improvements in their ability to answer comprehension questions based on textbook material, gains that are maintained over time.
Based on the explanation above, the researcher would like to conduct a class action research under the title “Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Aesthetic Realism Method at the Second Year of SMK ”


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