improve the students’ writing proficiency through Career exploration technique


A.      Background
In globalization and era information English was one of the foreign languages taught in school considered as the important one in grasping knowledge, science, and technology. Most of the books, mass media and articles use English. Therefore, the student read books in English to increase their knowledge and to be more aware of technology development. The English language consists of four skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The four language skills were supported by grammar and vocabulary. Those skills were related each other so it should be taught as effective as possible.
The four English language skills were important improved. But this research focused in improving writing skills, because the researcher had done P2K and observation at SMA Muhammadiyah 7 Makassar. The researcher saw many students still poor and weak in writing skills. So the researcher took writing as the research. Writing as one of the English language skills has an important role not only in a formal situation, but also in informal one. Sometimes people cannot verbalize their opinions, ideas or feeling orally, but they can express them through writing. People may write in lecture, seminar, or in private study and also complete their study. People, especially who live in different regions in time and space, should write to transmit their ideas to other people. The other reason why people need to write is that writing can help to sort out and organize the writer random thought, clarify, what they think, develop their idea to make other people understand easily. Writing can be a process of self discovery about who we are and what we think.
The technique of teaching was necessary to develop the students’ skills especially in improving the students’ writing proficiency. Because the technique of teaching influenced the students’ success, so the teacher of English should select the suitable method or technique to teach the students.
 One of effectives technique that was used by the teacher was Career Exploration Technique where it was affords as a systematic procedure by the teacher could guide the students to write. Career exploration is an activity, guide, and counseling to assist students make decisions about choosing their future professions, and how to get jobs in their chosen fields (Kelly, 2010). The teacher could guide students to express and write down their ideas in choosing a job in the future. 
Based on the information above, the researcher conducted a research to find out whether the Career exploration technique was effective to improve the students’ writing proficiency of ??????//   ???????????


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