Venn diagram

A Venn diagram is constructed using two or more large, partially overlapping circles with space
in the middle. It can be used for contrasting ideas and showing an overlap between them.
Suppose, for example, that the students are comparing the city of Awassa and the city of
Addis Ababa. A Venn diagram with two overlapping circles would enable the class to contrast
features of the two cities, while also displaying what they have in common.
The teacher might ask pairs of students to construct a Venn diagram by filling in only the two
parts of the circle devoted exclusively to the city of Awassa or the city of Addis, respectively.
Then pairs could join other pairs and the foursomes could compare their diagrams and then
list in the middle section the features they saw that were common to both cities.
instructions for the teachers  find two items that should be compared. In our example above we have selected two cities, Addis and Awassa.
In your subject area you might want the students to compare different items, e.g. two vegetables (tomato
and potato; onion and garlic, etc.), two literary characters (Bilcho and Tom Thumb, lion and parrot), two
different water sources (e.g. Bellata river and Awassa lake), two types of human settlements (e.g. village and
town), two people (e.g. mother and father) ..... It depends on the goals, objectives and topic of the lesson!
Divide the group of students into pairs or groups of three. Give each pair or group a large
sheet of paper (at least A4 format – if it is possible to use larger sheets, use them).
Ask the pairs or groups to draw two big overlapping circles. The overlapping section
should be large enough that the students can write down several words into it.
Let the students label one circle with the name of one of the selected items, 
and the second circle with the name of the second selected item.
The students should then find features that the two items have in common – these should be placed in the
intersection of the circles. At the same time, the students should also identify features that are unique, that
the items don’t share. These features should be included in the Venn diagram in the appropriate sections


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