improving the students writing ability through Names – attributes – features

The group forms a circle (sitting or standing). Everybody must be able to see the face of all other
members. Members of the group find adjectives that express their attributes or features.
a) In the first run everybody says their name and one adjective that describes themselves.
The adjective should start with the same letter as the participant’s name.
Example: name: Abnet – attribute: active; name Birrara – attribute: bright; name:
Petra – attribute: positive; name: Hana – attribute: homesick
b) In the second run everybody chooses an adjective from the list provided by workshop
leaders. Again, the adjective should start with the same letter as their names do.
(If it is complicated for the students during the first run to think of attributes,
they could be provided with the list during the time instead.)
c) During the last (third) run the participant chooses an adjective that she/he considers
to best approximate best her/him as a teacher (or educator or instructor ...or pedagogue).
The adjective doesn’t need to start with the same letter as the name does.
Each participant will write down his/her name on the half sheet of colored paper.
Then they add the adjectives describing their best teacher qualities. The sheets
will be displayed on the wall so that everybody can read them again.

Names – attributes – features
a) first name – attribute (same letter)
b) father’s name – attribute (same letter)
c) 3 attributes of a teacher (any letter)
Participants make large name cards: under the names they write
the related attribute. Hang the cards on the wall as a gallery.
Possible extension of the activity (before
cards are hung on the wall):

After the participants write down the qualities of a teacher
they add a small picture that will somehow represent their own
personality. After that the trainer asks them to walk around the
room to meet in pairs. The first member guesses the meaning of
the picture on their partner’s picture. Then the author explains
the picture. Then the roles reverse and the activity is repeated


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