Improving the students’ vocabulary achievement through possible sentences strategy

A.      Background
There are many aspects in teaching English that need attention, they are reading, listening, speaking, structure,and vocabulary. Vocabulary is  considered as the most significant factor. Without mastering it, people are not able to use the language. Harmer (1991: 53) if language structure makes up the skeletal of language, then it provides the vital organs, therefore, an ability to manipulate grammatical structure does not have any potential for expressing meaning unless what are used, it means that withtout vocabularies requrement influence students’ achievement in studying english. Goodman (1991: 53) gives evidence that students with string vocabularies are more successful in school.
Students of junior high school must learn a number of words for their competence to be a speaker or writer. However, the reality shows that the main factor faced by the students cannot read and understand the text since they do not have a good command of vocabulary.they are doubtful to express their ideas in english because they have limited vocabulary in their mind. Sometimes they are worried to converse with each other or they fear to make mistakes.
It is necessarry to develop the students’ vocabulary according to the English curiculum. Teachers of English  are expected to tell their  students how to learn vocabulary well, in this case the ministry of National education expect the English teacher to motivate English student in order to master English vocabulary because the teacher of English language of junior high school in Indonesia is considered unsuccesful. They also need to find situatuion by creating good atmosphere through efficient and effective technique.
Based on the description above, the researcher uses possible sentences strategy as one of strategy in improving the spirit of students in learning English. It is believed that possible sentences can help the students improve their vocabulary in teaching and learning process. The Possible Sentences technique creates interest in the passage that will be read, as children become actively involved in learning and using the words to be found in it. Indeed, a study by Stahl and Kapinus (1991) indicated that Possible Sentences is effective in teaching vocabulary and promoting recall of passage information.  
The research observation to the students of the first year students in class VII B  of SMP , the research found the skill of students of vocabulary still low. We can see the mean score of the students in vocabulary expecially verbs  is 4,4 and adjectives is 4,2.this score under by minimum achievement criteria (KKM) in junior high school is 6,0 and categories low poor level which based on standard classification. According to their teacher,  it is happened because students have poor motivation in learning English. Although, the teacher has technique of learning process in the classroom, but it is could not make the students interest for this reason, the researcher proposes a research in vocabulary “improving the students’ vocabulary achievement through possible sentences strategy”.
B.       Problem Statement
Based on the background above, the questions are formulated as follows:
1.    How is the improvement of the Students’ verb based on possible sentences (PS) strategy?
2.    How is the improvement of the Students’ adjective based on possible sentences(PS) strategy?
C.      The Objectives of the Research
In relation to the problem statements above, the objective of the study researcher is:
1.    To find out the students’ improvement verb based on possible sentences strategy at the first year students in class VII B of SMP .
2.      To find out the students’ improvement adjective based on possible sentences strategy at the first year students in class VII B of SMP .
D.      Significance of the Study
The findings of the research are expected to be useful information to the teachers and give some contributions to the success of teaching and learning English process at junior high school specially, it is expected to improve the students’ vocabulary through Possible sentences strategy.
E.       The Scope of the Research
The research would be limited the use of Possible Sentences strategy to improve the students vocabulary achievement in term of  adjective  and verb, at the first year students in class VII B of SMP , where the students  active learning in the classroom.


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