After Reading Card Game to improve the students vocabulary

The After Reading Card Game is a fun and engaging way to review vocabulary words of a
previously read text, chapter, unit, or topic. The fifteen minutes to prepare the deck of cards
is time well spent as the students enjoy the game, and the cards can be used in any spare minutes
left in a class.
Steps for preparing the deck of cards:
1. Use 12 cards per deck to play the game in about five minutes.
2. Write a vocabulary term on one side of 10 of the cards.
3. On the other  side of each card, write a definition that does not define the word on the
front side. In other words, the word on one side does not match the definition on the other
side but does define a vocabulary term on one of the other cards.
4. Write a vocabulary term on one side of the 11th
 card but leave the other side blank.
5. Place a definition on one side of the 12th
 card and place a star on the other side.
Steps for playing the game:
1. Randomly distribute the first 11 cards or have students volunteer to choose a card.
2. Keep the 12th
 card (definition and star) so a student can begin the game with it.
3. Read the definition on the card, and the student with the word that fits that definition comes
to the front of the room and reads his term.
4. Ask the student to turn the card over and read the definition on the reverse side. The
student with the term that matches the definition then comes to the front of the room and
reads the term.
5. Continue the process until all words and their definitions have been read.
• Have students call out the word that matches the definitions rather than going to the front of
the room.
• Keep track of the time that it takes to complete the game and see if the class can beat the
previous time.
• Use names of states and capitals or any other terms that require matching pairs.


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