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A. Background

             Language is the total by which beings communicate to one another. Communication takes place when there are two people or more involved in interaction. This interaction is facilities by language. In this case language plays an important role. Language must be produced in order to convey our ideas toward the subject matter in the interaction.
             To convey our ideas in the language that we are quite familiar with (foreign language) is not easy this phenomena still confuses students who learn English as a foreign language many students. In junior up to senior high school find it difficult to express their ideas in English even if already understand the spoken language. Kenneth Chastain (1976 ; 334). States that learning to speak is obviously more difficult than learning to understand the spoken language. Speaking foreign language, in this case English, is still a problem for student at junior up to senior high school.
             According to Jeremy Harmer (1983 : 16) we can identify four major skills namely: listening and understanding, speaking, reading and understanding, and writing.
             Speaking and writing are considered as productive skills while the other two listening and reading are considered to be receptive or passive skills. Jeremy Harmer than list these four major language skills as follows:

Skill Medium
Written Word
Listening and understanding
Reading and understanding
             From four main language skill above, the writer tends to elaborate one of the main language skills that is speaking. This skill is included in the productive skills. Like the other skills of English, speaking is considered to be difficult one. Therefore, the student should be provided with great opportunity to speak and say something about the subject matter in learning more than a matter of habit formation, it is a creative process and therefore the students should be given opportunity to be mentally active as much as possible in all assumed work (Yusnaini Lubis, 1988: 13) the practice is very important to the students who are learning English as foreign language.
             The problem of speaking English is faced by students from junior up to senior high schools and even for college students for many years English is though as a compulsory subject in junior, senior high school and also universities or institutes in certain semester. However, many students can not speak the language in the case English after six or several years in both junior and senior high school who still learn various subject is find difficulties but also students who specialize in English at the university or institute. They face same problem in speaking English.
        Usually students do not participate actively in speaking class. Probably it is caused by their lack of knowledge or they have no ideas toward the subject matter being taught. The subject matter is too obscure for them. To cope with problem, the writer thinks that by using visual aids, the students may be facilited to express their ideas: visual aids have great potential to simulate oral communication (Yusnaini Lubis, 1988:70). As an example pictures can stimulate student to speak. Pictures provide some information in certain circumstances. It can help student to express their ideas. According to Brown (1997: 178) picture can stimulate students just pick out the ideas. On the picture and ?>?????????????????????


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